Lawmaker Opposes Serangan-Benoa Toll Road

Lawmaker Opposes Serangan-Benoa Toll Road

prov_bali.jpgDENPASAR ~ A Rp1.4-trillion (US$154.3-million) toll road linking Serangan with Benoa Harbor was opposed this week by a legislator from the tiny islet, saying the project would cause chaos in an already crowded area.

Head of Commission D of the Denpasar Legislature I Ketut Ceteg Rurung had voiced opposition to the project before, but said he was more worried now because construction had already begun.

“I told you before that I disagree with this project because it will have a huge impact on the future of the area,” he said.

As a native of Serangan, he said he knew the largely barren island well and felt strongly that the project would have a negative impact on people living in the area.

He said ownership of the land was an issue that was still being debated.

“Whose land it is in Serangan? The project’s? If they claim the land is theirs, I would be the first person to oppose them,” he said.

Rurung added that he was worried about Sacramen Temple in Sakenan, and also about the condition of Benoa Harbor, which will not be developed as part of the project.

He said he was worried that the area was already crowded, and streets like Jl. Pratama were at capacity and could not house residents moved from construction areas.

“If this project continues, many places will be bulldozed around Benoa Harbor. Remember, there are a lot if sacred places there, including mosques and viharas,” he said.

PT Tunas Jaya Sanur has started constructing the entrance road to Serangan Beach. When completed, the toll road aims to drastically cut travel time to southern areas of Bali, and free up congestion on roads that are currently used to get to Benoa, Nusa Dua and their surroundings.

“If the government wants to build a toll road, it would be better between Benoa and Mumbul. It is closer and wouldn’t disturb Benoa’s port,” said the lawmaker.

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