Lawyer for Land Mafia boss attempting to Silence Media.

Lawyer for Land Mafia boss attempting to Silence Media.

Arthur Wells
Aug 21 · 4 min read

It has been reported that former Vice Governor of Bali Ketut Sudikerta’s lawyer, I Nyoman Darmada is working to silence local media. Darmada is a member of Ketut Sudikerata’s Bali Land Mafia, which illegally sold the assets of PT. Dreamland Bali to Chinese investors.

Nyoman Darmada, who received a portion of the proceeds of the sale of Pt Dreamland’s C151 Resort, is trying to silence anyone that might expose the syndicates crimes according to various reports.

It was I Wayan Tana, Sudikerta’s brother in law, who was director of Pt Dreamland Bali and the land mafia’s “inside man” who created the challenge against the company. Tana himself received part of the sale money from sale of Dreamland. According to the evidence, I Wayan Tana was not only the architect of the lawsuit against the Pt Dreamland Bali, but also funded the case and made various secret agreements benefiting himself. Tana did all this while representing Pt Dreamland Bali and the developer Hanno Soth.

Also currently in jail awaiting prosecution is Anak Agung Ngurah Agung, who sold Pt Dreamland the land but conspired with Tana and the land syndicate, never delivering the land certificate to the company but joined with Sudikerta to sell the land to PT. Manor Tirta Puncak.

PT Dreamland Bali Villas Uluwatu

Meanwhile persons close to Darmada have told investigators, that Nyoman Darmada sold the assets of Pt Dreamland Bali with great confidence “because he knows the syndicate will win the case since (they) control the courts.” Investigators have revealed under promise of anonymity that Sudikerta’s land mafia has infiltrated the highest levels of the judicial system, who have taken control of handling the Pt Dreamland Bali legal appeal.

Additionally Nyoman Darmada told persons close to him, “that he also will win any resistance Pt Dreamland Bali has filed in the Denpasar lower court due to the syndicates control of that court.

I Nyoman Darmada

PT. Manor Tirta Puncak, directed by Hedar Giacomo Boy Sham and Chinese investors ( (GE QI, Gong Wei, Wuin Feng Pei, Yi Zhi,) paid IDR 80 Billion (USD 5.6 Million) cash for Pt Dreamland assets which belong to Pt Dreamland Bali.

“So confident was Hedar in the land Mafia’s ability to handle the justice system, that he purchased the assets of Pt Dreamland Bali and destroyed parts of the villas, even while the cases in the courts still had not been ruled on”, explained Pt Dreamland Bali lawyers. “This is not normal business practice”

Initially it appeared that Hedar was correct in believing that Sudikerata’s land syndicate could handle the judiciary. When Pt Dreamland reported Hedar’s crime to Polda Bali the police focused their investigation efforts on Pt Dreamland Bali company’s notary, not Hedar.

Pt Dreamland Lawyers reported the conduct Polda Bali to the National police headquarters and police internal affairs . The company also reported to the National Police in Jakarta the crime of the Ketut Sudikerta’s land mafia of selling Pt Dreamland assets.

Fortunately for Pt Dreamland Bali investigators discovered detailed documentation of the syndicates selling of Pt Dreamland assets including amounts the conspirators were paid.

Also according to records the syndicate only valued their transaction 10% of the sale price, in order to avoid taxes. “This opens Sudikerta and his co-conspirators up for tax evasion and money laundering charges. It will be interesting to see how the syndicate will claim they spent the IDR 80 Billion, especially Sudikerta’s 45 Billion while incarcerated the the Police Director General “say Pt Dreamland Bali lawyers.

But where has Bali’s top cop General Petrus Golose been while all this has been happening? General Galose known for his tuff stand against the Bali mafia, promised in April to take down the land mafia. Pt Dreamland Bali complains that it has not gotten any help from Polda Bali to fight the land mafia.

As the facts of this case come to light and the authorities follow the mafia money trail, we believe that the members of the land mafia continues to spread the IDR 80 Billion to infiltrate the But in the end it will it enough to corrupt the entire judicial branch of the Republic of Indonesia?. Or will this syndicate finally be exposed and punished. Follow the money.

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