Lightning Kills Man

Lightning Kills Man


A man died at Petang just north of Denpasar on Thursday when he was struck by lightning as he ploughed his ricefield. He was I Nyoman Sudian, 30, who died about 2pm during a fierce thunderstorm.

Hail fell in parts of Denpasar and at Kerobokan and Dalung during Thursday’s widespread storms. Minor damage was caused to some houses. Denpasar resident Kadek Juni said the roof of his house had been damaged. “Ice rain (hail) cracked my windows too,” he said.

High winds associated with the storms brought down trees in Kerobokan and Dalung, cutting electricity supplies to many homes and businesses and disrupting telephone and data communication lines.

Hail is extremely unusual at low altitude in the tropics, though always a risk in mountain areas.

Meteorologists say Bali’s extreme weather is being caused by the La Ni?a climate phenomenon — which brings wet weather to south-east Asia and Australia and causes drought on tropical South America’s Pacific coast — and is likely to continue at least until April.

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