Lindsay Sandiford Pleads Sentence Leniency

Lindsay Sandiford Pleads Sentence Leniency


British woman, Lindsay June Sandiford, pleads for a more lenient punishment to the judges’ panel of Denpasar District Court.

Request from the smuggling suspect of 4,7 kilogram cocaine was appealed through Ezra Karo Karo as her lawyer in a trial with agenda of defense plea reading.

Lindsay ask the judges’ panel to consider some points, as follows, based on the medical record from one of the psychiatric hospitals in England, since his client was five years old, she was depressed and suffered mental disorder because of her parent divorce.

That condition may cause a middle-aged woman is easily exploited by the group of drug dealer syndicate.

Besides, based on the witness statement from England on the previous trials, it was revealed that Lindsay only acted as a courier in that syndicate and didn’t deeply involve.

“Moreover, based on the witnesses that were presented to the previous trial, it was stated that our client did it because she was forced or threatened by that international drugs syndicate,” he said.

Ezra expected that the judges by using those considerations could give sentence leniency to his client.

After the defense plea reading, Lindsay through her translator expressed her apology and penitence in a verbal and written form.

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