Man Arrested in Bali Over Rape of Australian Tourist

Man Arrested in Bali Over Rape of Australian Tourist


Police said they have arrested a man suspected of raping an Australian holiday-maker during a robbery at her family’s rented villa on the resort island of Bali.

Suspect Junaedi alias Idi (30), arrested in his room lodging house in Jalan Kusuma Bangsa IV, room number 7, West Denpasar.

Police were forced to shoot the suspect’s legs for attempting to fight the officer after investigating the case.

Now, officers are still doing an examination of the suspect from Central Lombok.

Chief Officer Kuta Utara AKP Reinhard Habonaran Nainggolan confirmed the arrest of a suspect Idi in a raid. He said that until now, they are still developing the case, to determine the chronology of robbery and rape that befell the victims from that kangaroo country on Saturday (27/4).

“It is true that the perpetrators have been arrested,” he said accompanied by Criminal Head Unit Iptu I Made Berata.

The pursuit of the suspects Idi was already two months by Criminal Police North Kuta. Police initially had to know who the real perpetrator is, but the officer’s hard to find the suspect.

Upon investigation, officers eventually detect the presence of the suspect at the location of the raid.

“We had time to catch up to his village in Central Lombok, but he has not come home. So we did a search on Denpasar, “said one officer.

He said the suspect had been shot for trying to resist when arrested. Police were forced to paralyze his legs with a bullet.

The suspect also allegedly involved in a series of cases of theft and robbery in Denpasar, Badung and Gianyar.

Even, he is also involved in the robbery of Head Korean Embassy Children in Ubud, Gianyar regency.

The suspect of robbery and rape is known just out from Gianyar prison.

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