Manslaughter Brazilian Gets Three Months’ Jail

Manslaughter Brazilian Gets Three Months’ Jail


A teenage Brazilian whose car crashed into a motorbike, killing its female rider, has been sentenced to three months in prison.

The Denpasar District Court said in a verdict on Monday that Lucas Silva, 19, was guilty of causing the death of Ni Wayan Sendi Tamara when his car drove into her motorbike on Jl Raya Ulwatu on the Bukit in southern Bali in August.

Firman Tambunan, presiding over a panel of three judges hearing the case, said the light sentence was in view of the defendant’s cooperation and that he had provided financial compensation to the family of the deceased.

Silva said he would accept the verdict. Prosecutors had requested five months’ imprisonment.

The suspect had been holidaying in Bali with friends when the accident occurred.

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