Men Arrested after Street Assault

Men Arrested after Street Assault


An Italian, an American, and Australian-Balinese man and a Rottweiler dog were involved in a violent attack on a group of Kuta residents on Monday after a dispute about a motorbike accident.

According to Bali Police, the incident started when the Italian national, identified as Luca Cavasa, was involved in a crash on Jl Petitenget in North Kuta with local resident Made Sudanta. Sudanta blamed Cavasa for the crash and demanded US$100 in compensation, which the visitor paid.

Cavasa later told his friends, American Jimmy Roberts and Kimo Rusna, reported to be an Australian-born Balinese man, what had happened. The men then went in search of Sudanta and when they found him with a group of other residents, still on Jl Petitienget, they attacked him.

“Kimo Rusna wouldn’t accept that he had demanded compensation from Luca,” said Badung Police chief Benny Arjanto.

The men were joined by other local men in their assault and also attacked Sudanta’s friend, Made Juni Permata Putra.

“Kimo was angry and he beat Sudanta, while Jimmy called their friends who were hanging around nearby outside a Circle K store,” said Arjanto. “They beat up the victims and one of them set his dog on them.”

Both victims suffered serious injuries requiring hospital treatment.

Rusna, Roberts, five Balinese men and the Rottweiler were detained by police after the attack. The men were charged under Article 170 of the Criminal Code carrying a maximum five-year jail term.

“Sudanta is now being treated in a hospital because of the dog bite,” Arjanto said.


  1. truth says:

    If the Balinese guy had only demanded actual (or even triple) what was the real cost of fixing the bike plus medical care this wouldn’t have happened. Both sides are quilty but the western guys will pick up the bill.


  2. made says:

    so the rottweiler wasn’t the driver….

  3. Adrian Lawler says:

    ( so the rottweiler wasn’t the driver… ).
    if it was there would not have been a accident ?.

  4. Bér says:

    No, the Italian was driving the rottweiler

  5. marc says:

    Do you have a mugshot of the rottweiler…

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