Military Oditurates III Destroys Assembled Weapons

Military Oditurates III Destroys Assembled Weapons

DENPASAR – “Destruction of Evidence. These are goods that have permanent legal force and have been tried in the Denpasar Military Court. The Evidence is the result of the case from 2017 – now and there are defendants who have already finished / are free and some are still serving sentences”, said Head of the Military Oditurate III-13 Denpasar, Col. Chk Tarmizi, in Denpasar, Thursday (1/30).

In this case, cases were found in the form of possession of firearms, immoral acts and other related cases. It was explained that for the existence of evidence in the form of methamphetamine or bong tools, the convict was used because he was carrying out his duties. “The background of using it is because they are carrying out their duties and the convict is part of Intel, being able to dismantle drug cases in Denpasar which he said had been tried by other agencies but had not been successful, then the person concerned received an order from his unit to open the network, in one of the one cafe”, he said.

It is said that of the eight cases which have permanent legal force with seven convicts, no soldier has been found to be sentenced in the form of dismissal. “While there is still physical punishment, because there are no serious cases, but if there are found soldiers who were fired from the Military Service will be sent to the Kerobokan Prison”, he explained.

For types of cases with severe penalties if a soldier is found to be involved in narcotics, murder and so on. However, he said so far these cases have not been found and are being questioned.

Of the eight criminal cases, the highest decision was 2 years and 2 months for the case of possession of a Colt Defender Series 90 Airsoft Gun pistol, a Colt Defender Series 90 Airsoft Gun gas cylinder, and clothing.

As for the criminal case with the lowest verdict for four months on the case of homemade pistols, one magazine of handguns, two rounds of 9mm ammunition, waist bags and holsters.

He said he gave direction to the soldiers to be able to reduce violations and other soldiers more orderly and obedient to the rules. According to him, this certainly affected the successful implementation of the tasks of the Indonesian National Army. “For the general public within the Indonesian National Armed Forces, if there is any input from the public about our soldiers whose behavior is inappropriate, it can be conveyed to its commander before it becomes a violation of the law so that it can be eliminated”, said Colonel Chk Tarmizi.

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