Minister to Find Solution on Sale of Beer in Bali

Minister to Find Solution on Sale of Beer in Bali


Trade Minister Rachmat Gobel vowed here on Saturday to find a solution to ensure that small retailers in Bali’s tourism resorts can continue to sell beer despite the government ban.

“The decision to control the sale of alcoholic drinks will be implemented on April 16 and will not be postponed. Having heard what people want, especially in Bali, a solution will be found,” he said during a discussion at the office of the Regional Representatives Council.

The minister added that in the near future, his office would look into the regulation again to find a solution.

The trade minister’s regulation number 6 of 2015 stipulates that all minimarkets and retailers are not allowed to sell alcoholic drinks under Category A, which include drinks with alcohol content below five percent, including beer.

“This is a tourist region, but we will not change the regulation. However, we will seek to regulate the system,” Gobel affirmed.

With regard to finding a solution, the minister pointed out that he would issue a reference for the implementation of the regulation in which Bali’s interest will be accommodated.

“The regulation will be implemented, but we will issue a regulation as soon as possible to settle the (Bali) problem,” he remarked.

Gobel also gave his assurance that his office would send a letter to the Bali Regional Police Command to not conduct a sweep against the sale beer on the island, despite the ban coming into effect on April 16.

Moreover, a member of the Bali Regional Representatives Council, Arya Wedakarna, said that there would not be any postponement with regard to the trade minister’s regulation, but suggested that a letter or recommendation be issued to temporarily postpone its implementation in Bali.

Wedakarna added that the Bali Regional Representatives Council will also send a letter to that effect.

In addition, Wayan Suata, a tourism businessman, noted on the occasion that the government regulation banning the sale of beer would be a blow to thousands in the trade of selling beer in cool boxes on beaches, adding that the policy was against the economically-weak members of the community.

“If the ban on the sale of beer is implemented, thousands of people in Badung and Bali would lose their job because so far, they have depended on tourists for their livelihood,” he pointed out.

Meanwhile Alcohol Beverage Distributors Association (ADMA) of Bali have showed their rejection towards the Minister Regulation.

Bali ADMA survey result shows that 70 percent of the consumption of beer in Bali is by tourists.

Beer for tourist is already a way of life, especially while enjoying sunbathing on the beach, after surfing, snorkeling and so on. This sector absorbs around seven thousand small merchants in Bali.


  1. Sober Dodo says:

    Please ban all alcohol in Bali. Alcohol is the root of all evil and starts people on the road to hard drugs. Ban it for the love of Allah. Ban it for our children so they won’t be tempted on a path of destruction. Ban it so families will not be destroyed. Alcohol is the root of all evil. A ban is the best thing. Dubai does not suffer from no alcohol policy and they prosper as can Indonesia the mighty. Ban alcohol please. Ban it forever.

  2. jagdish says:

    Hey sober dodo, who said Dubai does not have alcohol officially? It does have liquor retail outlets too for non muslims google for african eastern or MMI. Banning anything is not a solution for problems, educating people of its ill effects can help them from such addictions.

  3. Made says:

    Dubai is bot Bali and Dubai is not Indonesia. The policeman there drive Lamborghinis because they have so much money. Alcohol is not the root of all evil, if you don’t want it just don’t use it! For all the people on the beach that make their living with that: Let it stay legal, it gives them enough money to feed their children. What else should they do?

  4. Sober Dodo says:

    Alcohol is the root of all evil. Men think it is not but women have been abused by drunken husbands for years. Stop alcohol and you stop violence. I beg the government ban all alcohol. Alcohol is a mans evil. They must learn drinking alcohol is wrong and bad. Alcohol is a drug and it should be treated the same. Ban alcohol please. The government has billions of dollars to share with the poor. Families will not go hungry. I beg, I pray that alcohol is banned, please.

  5. Hey, I think if Indonesia ban’s alcohol, Bali will lose all their tourism as alcohol is tourists way of relaxing.
    I think if you put in place a system that you have to show your passport and prove you are over 21, then you can purchase alcohol it would cut down on the youth drinkers.
    Also put in place a system that if you look to drunk you will not be served alcohol and make the retailer aware that if they still sell the alcohol to someone too drunk they can be issued a large fine.
    I don’t think banning alcohol would help Indonesia at all.

  6. fabes says:

    We will just holiday some where else..yes we drink at the beaches to support the locals..

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