More Blackouts in the New Year

More Blackouts in the New Year


Following power cuts in southern Bali last week, the state electricity provider, PT PLN, has warned businesses and householders in the area to expect more outages in the February, with major repair worked planned for the main Gilimanuk power plant, where electricity generated in neighbouring East Java is channelled into Bali.

“We have asked the hotels to prepare their electricity generators to anticipate a blackout in February, to prevent a rise in peak capacity,” a PLN spokesman said.

Meanwhile, an energy expert has said that Bali could be self-sufficient in electricity by relying on geothermal power.

“Bali has the potential to develop geothermal as renewable energy, given that the island has the resource,” said Hilmi Panigoro of the Indonesian Renewable Energy Society, adding that across Indonesia more should be done to exploit the extensive geothermal activity around the country’s volcanoes.

“Geothermal is more environmentally friendly and more economic when compared to fossil fuels. We also have the resources and the technology, but there are still some technical reasons hindering its development. Bali could have made use of these resources as well,” he said.

Previous plans for a geothermal energy plant in Bedugul were ditched in 2005 after environmental and religious concerns were raised.

Panigoro said Bali could also make use of hydroelectric power, given its mountainous landscape and wet climate, while there was further potential for utilising the ocean currents and wave energy offshore.

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  1. Raymond Cornelisses says:

    I understand that from time to time repaires have to be done, but why does this happen every year again ? does that mean that the repaires of last year were not done properly ? And why the company can not make a schedule when this break done will happen so that the people can prepare themself a Iittle bit, this can not be so difficult. In Bali we have more break downs in one year than in Europe in thirty years, how come ?

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