Mother Caught after Abandoning Newborn

Mother Caught after Abandoning Newborn

SINGARAJA ~ A 20-year-old woman from Gondol village, Gerokgak, Buleleng, was arrested by police on Tuesday night after abandoning her newborn baby at the house of a midwife, police said.

Head of Gerokgak Police Nyoman Kartika said the mother, Komang Ayu Sriningsih, arrived at the midwife’s house in late stages of labor and had the baby before the midwife had a chance to check her identification.

According to the midwife, who took the baby to Buleleng General Hospital and reported to police, the mother snuck out of the house shortly after the birth of the baby.

Kartika said officers went door to door around the villages of Gerokgak looking for the mother and were finally given information about Ayu Sriningsih, who they found and arrested.

According to Kartika, Sriningsih admitted the baby was hers and had been born out of wedlock to a man from Tegalinggah, Sukasada.

He said Sriningsih was being held at Gerokgak Police station for further investigation.

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