Naked foreign man wanders near Berawa Beach, bangs head and bleeds

Naked foreign man wanders near Berawa Beach, bangs head and bleeds

A naked foreigner reportedly caused quite a scene as he wandered near Bali’s Berawa Beach this morning, eventually prompting local authorities to intervene and take him to the nearest hospital. 

“He was buck naked and did not bring any form of identification,” I Putu Eka Parmana, who heads North Kuta district, told Kompas.

Parmana said he shouted “America” while kneeling and banging his head multiple times against the ground, causing his forehead to bleed. 

“It’s possible he is from the United States, no one can help answer our questions and even a foreigner who passed by and tried to help us communicate with him didn’t get answers,” Parmana explained, as quoted by Detik. 

According to reports, the foreigner appeared in public without wearing any clothes, prompting the local pecalang (traditional Balinese security forces) and village officials to follow him closely. Local residents eventually gave him some clothes to cover himself, though he never once uttered an explanation. 

He wasn’t immediately apprehended due to increasing fears of being infected with the novel coronavirus in recent weeks, Parmana said. Local health authorities, equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE), were then called into the scene to help take him to Sanglah General Hospital. 

Parmana suspects that he may have been affected by the recent limitations put in place to help curb the spread of COVID-19. 

“When foreigners aren’t able to do tourist activities for entertainment, they become stressed or depressed,” Parmana said, as quoted by Merdeka.


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