New South-North Highway Proposed

New South-North Highway Proposed


Bali’s government is considering building a new south-north road west of the main route via Bedugul to provide better transport links between the economically depressed north and the prosperous south of the island.

Governor I Made Mangku Pastika says the new road — proposed to run between Selemadeg in Tabanan and Seririt in Buleleng and fed by a new fast road from Denpasar to Selemadeg — would help more fairly distribute Bali’s benefits from the tourism industry.

“It would hasten the redistribution of development between south and north,” he said when announcing the proposal on March 14.

Pastika, who is from Buleleng, said the new road would mean some agricultural land would need to be resumed and the only issue was that of land acquisition.

The central government has already signed off on shared funding for the new fast feeder road from Kuta to Selemadeg.

Pastika said that if the new cross-island highway went ahead proposals for a new road or substantial upgrading of the existing one via Bedugul would be shelved.

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