Ngurah Rai Airport will be Closed Temporarily

Ngurah Rai Airport will be Closed Temporarily


Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika sent letter to four Ministers in relation to the temporary closing of Ngurah Rai International Airport due to Nyepi Holiday, Saka New Year 1935 on Tuesday 12 March 2013.

“The letter had been sent early so that it could be sread out to any institution bot national and international,” the Head of Publicity Bureau Bali Province I Ketut Teneng said.

He said that the letter numbered 003.2/17319/DPIK dated 6 November 2012, was sent to the Minister of Transportation EE Mangindaan, Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa, Home Minister Gamawan Fauzi and Communication and Information Minister Tifatul Sembiring.

Besides, it was also sent to Directorate General of Land, Water, and Air Transportation in Communication and Information Ministry, as well as the Head of Bali Parliament and all regents/ head of municipality in Bali.

The letter was also copied to twenty seven related institutions in the central level and Bali, including head of Airport Authority Office Area IV Tuban and head of harbor in this area.

He added that the letter of the Airport and Harbour closing was purposefully sent early, which was four months before Nyepi.

The notice to those four Ministers was intended to be able to spread it to airlines companyboth in Indonesia and other countries.

It will allow the airlines not to schedule flight to Bali when Hindus people conduct Tapa Brata Penyepian .

The four prohibitions that are conducted by Hindus people on Nyepi including amati geni (not light up fire), amati karya (not working), amati lelungan (not travelling) and amati lelanguan (not indulging desire or having entertainment).

He added that the temporary closing of Ngurah Rai Airport this year will be the fiftinth times since 1999, that happens for twenty four hours since 06.00 Wita to 06.00 the next morning.

“Pastika sent letter to the Ministers and related institutions about the airport closing, which is strengthened by the letter of Air Transportation Directorate General in Transportation Ministry dated 1 September 1999 about Ngurah Rai operational system,” Ketut Teneng explained.

The notice from Bali Governor stated prohibition that must be obeyed by all people in Bali, which is intended for all governmental institution (civics, TNI, and Polri), as well as private companies, religion agency, customary agency, airlines, land transportation and cruise company.

He said that, PT (Persero) Angkasa Pura I Ngurah Rai Airport have annunced the temporary closing to all international airlines both in Indonesia and abroad.

Early socialization was done including involvement of travel agent and hotels to give early notice to tourists who want to visit Bali.

“By knowing information about Nyepi as well as the temporary closing of Ngurah Rai Airport, tourists coming from various parts of the worls could fly to Bali one day earlier or delay their departure one day after Nyepi,” Ketut Teneng wished.

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