No Smoking Area Regulation is Not Optimal

No Smoking Area Regulation is Not Optimal


Bali provincial parliament member Gusti Putu Widjera assessed that the implementation of Regulation No. 10 of 2011 on No Smoking Area (KTR) and Bali Governor Regulation No. 8 of 2012 on the Implementation of KTR is not optimal yet.

“We observe and assess the regulation and Governor regulation are not effective and optimal yet especially in government agencies and the private sector,” said Vice Chairman of Commission I of DPRD Bali in Denpasar.

He expected that the regulations and Governor Regulation should be implemented in all institutions and specified places.

“We expect these regulations must be enforced in accordance with the procedures and technical guidance,” said the Democratic Party politician.

Meanwhile, the Head of Bali Provincial Health Department Ketut Suarjaya said that enforcement by the Civil Service Police Unit to some areas included in KTR should be continued.

According to him, the officers also have taken the evidence of ashtrays, cigarette butts, even a canteen that sells cigarettes in KTR. Some institutions have been socialized that if anyone is caught smoking they are put in trial in the location directly.

However, for some areas that have not get socialization, they just give reprimand and socialization.

“Recently socialization is done continuously, either through the media, radio, television, and directly at the field. Yet these efforts apparently are not optimal. That does not mean we give up, but we would continue to be done,” he said.

Suarjaya also addressed on cigarette advertising in the screen owned by Denpasar government in a few strategic locations.

“These ads are highly controversial in the midst of the optimization of KTR regulation. Perhaps the company has long-term contracts. But if the contract could be reviewed as opposed to the implementation of the KTR regulation,” he said.

Some large screens even are put near hospitals and educational institutions.

From some inspections conducted in several locations it is revealed that there are still many residents, employees and even civil servants who do not know there are KTR regulations.

Therefore, he said, although the KTR regulations haave been running for two years, there are still violations such as smoking at KTR, there is a smoking room in the building, there is no sign of a smoking ban, and there is also the sales and promotion of cigarettes in some institutions and public places.

“This year we will continue the socialization, policy development in the regencies and city that have not issued KTR regulation, partnerships networking and other optimization,” said Suarjana.

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  1. Eddie McCulloch says:

    Where and what is the KTR? What area does it cover in regards to a smoking ban? If this KTR is not explained, how can the people be educated as to where the banned areas are?

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