Nude Croatian Tourist Stuns South Kuta with Viral Stroll

Nude Croatian Tourist Stuns South Kuta with Viral Stroll

Badung, Bali – In an unusual and eyebrow-raising incident, a Croatian tourist identified as SL found herself in the center of attention when she was caught on camera walking nude in front of a jewelry store on Jalan Pratama, Benoa Village, South Kuta District, Badung, Bali, on Sunday morning, September 3rd, 2023. The footage of this audacious act by the foreign woman was quickly shared across various social media platforms, sparking widespread curiosity and concern.

The incident naturally drew the attention of local residents, leading to the prompt arrival of a joint team comprising officers from the Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) and the local police. Following a thorough investigation, it was discovered that the 35-year-old woman had been staying at a hotel in the Benoa area.

According to a report by detikBali, Kompol I Nyoman Karang Adi Putra, the Police Chief of South Kuta, revealed that the tourist initially left her hotel clad only in a white towel around 9:00 AM local time. Reportedly, SL then proceeded to walk for approximately 20 minutes until she reached the jewelry store.

“This foreign national subsequently removed her towel and remained unclothed for approximately one hour. After attracting the attention of numerous onlookers, she returned to her hotel at around 11:30 AM local time,” Karang explained in a written statement.

I Ketut Gede Arta, the Subdistrict Head of South Kuta, confirmed the presence of the nude foreigner within his jurisdiction, stating, “Indeed, we received reports early in the morning, prompting our team to head to the hotel where she was staying.”

Arta further disclosed that SL briefly returned to her hotel for the purpose of checking out before her planned departure to the airport. However, during her departure process, SL was redirected to Sanglah Hospital due to what appeared to be a minor issue.

“Earlier in the afternoon, while preparing to check out from her hotel and head to the airport, there might have been a minor issue, which led to her being redirected to Sanglah Hospital,” added Arta.

As of now, Arta remains uncertain about the motives behind SL’s decision to disrobe and walk naked in front of the jewelry store. He confirmed that the Croatian woman is currently under the care of the Immigration Office, shedding some light on the ongoing investigation into this intriguing incident.

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