Number of British Tourists Visiting Bali Up By 28.82%

Number of British Tourists Visiting Bali Up By 28.82%


Bali provincial tourism office has noted that the number of British travelers visiting Bali rose by 28.82 percent, with the maximum number of foreign tourists visiting Bali in October 2015.

“This is very encouraging for Bali’s tourism sector at a time when economic growth has been less favorable,” Bali tourism observer Made Sudana said here on Monday.

The number of British tourists flying directly from their country to Bali during January-October 2015 was 138,795, a 28.82 percent increase compared to the same period in 2014 when the number was recorded at 107,745 people.

The British tourists accounted for 4.13 percent of the total 3.3 million international tourists visiting during January-October 2015.

British tourists figured among the top foreign nationality tourists, following those from Korea, Singapore and Taiwan.

Made Sudana explained that during January-October 2015, the number of British tourists visiting Bali was the highest among those from the European region, followed by France (115,288), Germany (103,799) and the Netherlands (69,213).

During January-October 2015, the number of travelers from Europe to Bali was 712,917.

He added that foreign tourist arrivals in Bali had until now remained dominated by those from Australia, China, and Japan.

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