Ombudsman Open Post For Complaints on Admission

Ombudsman Open Post For Complaints on Admission


The Indonesian Ombudsman open a post for new student admission complaint academic year 2013/2014 in Bali.

“The establishment of this post aims to provide opportunities for people who are mistreated in terms of administrative matter by the schools in the form of scam in the process of admission,” said Chief of Indonesian Ombudsman Bali Chapter Umar Ibnu Alkhatab accompanied by Supervisory Assistant Duha F. Mubarok in Denpasar.

Umar further argued that this activity is also intended to encourage new students admission in a transparent, honest process, and eliminate the occurrence of maladministration and corruption.

In addition to opening post, it will also directly monitor schools to ensure that there is no maladministration practices and corruption.

Complaint post is open during weekdays Monday-Friday at the Ombudsman Representative Office at Jalan Diponogoro No. 182 Denpasar, Phone / Fax 0361-237758 at 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm or via text message at 081 999 968 172.

Based on Regulation Number 37 of 2008 that the Ombudsman is a national agency that has the authority to oversee the public implementation organized by the state and government.

The existence of the post is very important regarding new students admission is critical pointfor maladministration and corruption in education.

So far, a variety of complaints and public dissatisfaction over the process of new students admission always takes place every year.

“But in the reality, there is no concrete action done by the government as providers of public services to prevent the practice of maladministration and corruption,” said Mubarok added.

But on the other hand, people do not have the right medium to report the problem.

“As a result, corrupt practices continue to occur and it seems that there is tolerance on unhealthy practices in education,” he said.

Mubarok hoped that people could take advantage on the post to report the complaint if they’ve experienced it or they have seen any maladministration or corruption based on the principle of confidentiality if the complainant desire to.

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