Passenger Detection at the Airport to be Tighten

Passenger Detection at the Airport to be Tighten


Health Department of Bali Province asked the staffs of Ngurah Rai Airport to keep their vigilance detecting passengers to prevent the spread of H7N9 virus, which is a new type of avian flu virus.

“Airport and Harbor become the entrance for first filter so there is no case of imported disease from abroad,” said the Head of Bali Province Health Department dr Ketut Suarjaya, in Denpasar.

According to him until now in Bali there is no finding of disease because of H7N9 virus that becomes an epidemic in China. However, vigilance and readiness could not be ignored.

“We also have delivered circulatory letter to regencies/city to be alert, including coordinate with Husbandry Department if there is sudden death of avian,” he said.

He expected that the staffs of Harbor Health Office (KKP) and Ngurah Rai Airport could be more tight checking every passenger coming, especially tourists from regions that have high risk of H7N9.

“Early detection could be done by using detector in the airport. From the detector we can see increase temperature of the body. If they are infected by H7N9 virus, their temperature is usually above 38.5 Celsius degree,” he said.

However, he explained that if we find passengers with that degree of temperature, further examination should be done because people having cold often have temperature above 38.5 Celsius degree.

“Passengers having high body temperature then undergo further examination especially for those showing symptoms of avian flu and had a contact with infected chicken,” he said.

On the other hand, he also had socialized to public health centers to be more alert in observing diseases.

If there is chicken death accompanied with people having cold, so they have to eat Tamiflu. “The stock of Tamiflu until now is about 9.700 doses,” he said.

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