Peaceful Bali Attracts Dutch Tourists

Peaceful Bali Attracts Dutch Tourists


The natural beauty and peaceful land of Bali have attracted the Dutch tourists who mostly make the visit to reminisce their memories in the island, said a tour guide.

“The blessing Bali’s natural beauty has lured the tourists, particularly the Dutch either the youngsters or the elderly,” said Made Suardana, a special tour guide for Dutch tourists here.

He said that the youngsters usually visit Bali during mid-year holidays, while the elderly tourists mostly enjoy the year-end holidays.

“As of now, Bali is visited by larger number of tourists particularly in the last three months, compared to that of the previous years,” he said.

“The recent difficulty of direct flights from Europe to Bali seemingly did not hamper the European tourists interest especially the Dutch to visit Bali,” he said, adding that they usually reached to Bali through Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Suardana said that the Dutch tourists’ length of stay reached two weeks for their each visit to Bali.

Most tourists like to travel around the island even stay overnight in the villas near the river, according to him.

“Moreover, they prefer to go to the village to see the local tradition,” he said.

The number of Dutch visitors reached 53,041 people or 2.23 percent of the total 2.3 million visitors during January-October 2012.

During October 2012, the Dutch visitors amounting 6,277 people compared to 6,010 people in September 2012, he mentioned.

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  1. Henkie says:

    No no no Its not treu
    Bali is not THE Same enymore dutch stay max 3 Days en then They go to lombok exempele gili trawangan Thats à fact
    Becose Bali is to bizzy for us en THE people selling Things are enoying en push us to mutch wit selling things to us
    To mutch Cars en biks everywhere They are building everywhere next our hotels how you can say we belanda people can relax in Bali how further we go in Bali THE facilitiets are no good so we have no choice to go but when we go back to Holland we come back to Bali ngura RAI to take THE airplain home

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