Police Called in to Settle Local Grouse

Police Called in to Settle Local Grouse


South Denpasar Police are trying to mediate in a local dispute that has led to a road being blocked at Sidakarya.

They called in the land agency, the village head and other agencies to try to sort out the problem.

The dispute has already turned violent with clashes between long-term residents and newer settlers in the area.

It led to an access lane off Jl Tukad Petanu, Gang Belibis (belibis is grouse in Bahasa), being blocked off. Police reopened it.

South Denpasar Police chief Leo Pasaribu said: “We are giving priority to mediation first, before turning to the law.”

The dispute stems from the use of the laneway by large trucks that residents fear will break up the road surface.

Pasaribu said police would speak to the transport operators concerned.

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