Police Chief Puts Brakes on Rogue Cop Revenue Scheme

Police Chief Puts Brakes on Rogue Cop Revenue Scheme


Bali Police chief Hadiatmoko has acted to stop police unfairly targeting foreigners — especially those on motorbikes — in the Dreamland area of the Bukit, following complaints of harassment.

He said he would take firm against any police found to be involved in targeting foreign road-users to collect “fines.”

The Dreamland turnoff on the Uluwatu road is apparently a favourite spot for police to wait to flag down passing tourists and – in the words of the police chief – make wild charges.

Tourists on motorbikes carrying surfboards apparently are an especially favoured target of rogue officers.

Hadiatmoko said from reports he had received police involved in the scam asked to see a tourist’s driver’s licence then falsely claimed it was invalid, suggesting that a payment would make the problem disappear.

Payments demanded are allegedly Rp25,000 or Rp50,000 (US$2.70-$5.50) upwards.

A source said the scam had been successful for so long because no one was keeping a check on what police were doing.

Hadiatmoko promised to make public a report he had called for into the incidents.

“I have given instructions that this will be investigated because if the allegations are true the violations are serious and could damage the image of tourism in Bali,” he said.


  1. Ptr says:

    many locations around Jl Srwijaya / Jl Patih Jelantik daily.

  2. Tom says:

    Breaking News !!
    The police of Bali is treating Tourists and Foreigners “unfair” !
    This procedure is…. SORRY… as old as Bali and the police will continue collecting this “additional” income and don’t care if there is an “investigation” or not.
    This is and will continue to be one of Bali’s “shadow sides”.

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