Police Chiefs Told: Find Dupe-and-Drug Ring or You’re Fired

Police Chiefs Told: Find Dupe-and-Drug Ring or You’re Fired


Bali Police chief Hadiatmoko is said to have told Denpasar Police chief Suryanbodo Asmoro and new Kuta Police chief Gede Ganefo they face being sacked unless a gang that drugged and robbed a Swiss tourist is caught quickly.

Both men were with Hadiatmoko at a community meeting in Seminyak to hear complaints from residents about the activity of transvestites in the area.

When he was told of the drug-and-dupe scam, according to Kartika Plaza Hotel security boss I Nengah Dana, who was also at the meeting, he told Asmoro and Ganefo to solve the crime within a week — or else.

At the meeting one Seminyak accommodation provider told Hadiatmoko a guest, from Switzerland, had complained to her on Tuesday that the night before he had been duped and then drugged by a group of five people, three of them women, who then gave him a drugged drink and cheated him at cards, leaving him owing them millions of rupiah.

The man had left his hotel and got into conversation with the five, one of whom claimed to have relatives in Switzerland. Because he had only Rp200,000 (US$22) on him they took him to an ATM, where he was told to take out Rp5 million ($550) to repay his “debt.”

He was unwilling to do so and they took him instead to a mobile phone shop where he bought them BlackBerry phones.

They then took him back to his hotel but apparently stayed out of sight of surveillance cameras at the premises.

All forms of gambling are illegal in Indonesia.

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  1. Shane McRae says:

    It sounds like the Denpasar Polisi are getting more attention from Bali chief of police, General Hadiatmoko than the Sukawati polisi. When my car window was smashed recently and over 30.000.000Rp worth of goods, including a computer, were stolen the polisi wouldn’t even take fingerprints of the car or the recovered credit cards. The stolen phone is boldly being answered by the thief and nothing at all is being done by the polisi. Apparently they feel secure in their office jobs and getting no attention from General Hadiatmoko.