Police Name Two More Suspects in Murder of British Man

Police Name Two More Suspects in Murder of British Man


The Bali Police named two more suspects in the case of the murder of 60-year old British national, Robert Kevin Ellis.

“We have named two more suspects. Both were the victim’s housemaids,” spokesman for the Bali provincial police, Snr. Comsr. Herry Wiyanto said on Thursday.

The two housemaids, who were witnesses in the case earlier, were identified by their initials as F and Y.

Wiyanto further stated that suspect F was allegedly given the task of guarding the victim’s dog from thwarting the murder, while suspect Y was assigned with the task of cleaning the scene of the crime of blood.

So far, four suspects have been named in the case. The other two suspects were identified by their initials as JNA and AR.

Moreover, the police believe that the victim’s wife, 45-year old JNA, was the mastermind behind the murder.

AR was arrested at Padangbai port in Karangasem district as they believed he was trying to escape.

The police will most likely charge the suspects with premeditated murder under articles 340 and 338 of the Penal Code.

“We have not decided on whom to charge with premeditated murder. We first need to be sure that the murder was premeditated,” he remarked.

With greed for his wealth and jealousy as her motives, JNA allegedly shelled out some Rp150 million to a number of assassins to murder her husband.

Police officers are also busy looking for the main evidence that is kitchen knife used by the suspects.

The knife had been dumped somewhere shortly after they kill the victim.

Meanwhile, the bodies of the victims were previously put in Sanglah Hospital, was already cremated at Kertha Semasdi Funeral House in Denpasar.

The cremation was attended by his two sons namely, Peter and John Ellis.

Besides them, close relatives of Robert Kelvin Ellis were also present to give prayers and condolences to the families of the victims.

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