Popular Bintang Supermarket burns to the Ground in Huge Blaze

Popular Bintang Supermarket burns to the Ground in Huge Blaze

Most of Bintang Supermarket and neighbouring stores on Seminyak, burned on Thursday.

One of Australian’s most beloved Bali shopping spots has burnt to the ground after becoming engulfed by flames overnight.

The Bintang Supermarket in Seminyak fell victim to the terrifying blaze at around 3am on Thursday, as horrified tourists and locals looked on.

Known for its dizzying array of products at bargain prices, it had become a firm favourite for the tens of thousands of Australian holidaymakers who flock to Bali.

It is understood that no one was hurt in the fire and it has since been put out, but the supermarket has been destroyed.

‘It was quite difficult as everything was locked and we were late to the scene, so the fire grew really big,’ local fire chief Wayan Wirya told the Balinese Tribun newspaper.

‘The roof was perforated so we shot the water from above, but if we were able to open the doors from the beginning we might have been able to control the fire.’

Pictures show the huge blazing burning in the early hours of the morning as fire crews desperately tried to contain the flames.

The fire started at the back of the supermarket, officials said, and also burned several nearby businesses.

‘Among them a pharmacy, a cellphone counter, the post office, cassette shop, photo studio, accessories shop, clothing store, Seminyak restaurant and cafe, coffee shop and the main warehouse for several shops has gone,’ Mr Wirya said.

The fire burned a total of 340 square meters.

Terrified tourists took to social media to express their worry for locals.

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