Prevent Flood in Kuta, Badung to Operate Vacuum Cleaner Truck

Prevent Flood in Kuta, Badung to Operate Vacuum Cleaner Truck


To prevent flood in vital objects in Kuta, Badung, Department of Bina Marga and Watering Badung adding new equipment such as Vacuum Cleaner Truck. This truck is used to vacuum the sand material and other items that often clog gutters in areas prone to flood.

It was said by the Head of Roads and Bridges Department of Highways and Watering Badung who is also the Acting Head of Highways and Watering Badung regency, IB Surya Suamba on Saturday in Kuta. He said that the Vacuum Cleaner Truck is designed to clean the sediment in drainage, which then will be disposed.

Vacuum cleaner consists of several components, namely vacuum tank, vacuum pump, dehydrator system, lifting system, tipping system and other accessories for truck operational and maintenance of drainage vacuum cleaner.

Besides being assisted by Vacuum Cleaner Truck, there are also tools such as Street Washer Truck. Street washer is designed specifically for cleaning street and sanitation with high-pressure water spray. Street washer can be applied to the narrow streets and wide roads. Street washer is equipped with a hand gun (spray gun) for cleaning areas that are not covered by the spray bar and cleaning the drainage channel.

“The road as a means of transportation must be functioning properly, so it will provides convenience and safety of using the road. With the higher construction, the road and complement building is expected to not only functioning well, but also to fulfill the aspect of its beauty,’’ he said.

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