Prohibition of Smoking in the School

Prohibition of Smoking in the School


Schools in Denpasar has implemented Bali Provincial Regulation No. 10 year 2011 about No Smoking Area (KTR).

“Schools in Denpasar strictly enforce laws KTR so that the teachers should not smoke at school,” said Chairman PGRI Nyoman Winata.

At the lectures related to the imposition of No Smoking Area (KTR) in school, Winata said he had visited schools in Denpasar, even the teachers had previously been advised no longer smoking at school, although there are many unscrupulous teachers smoking.

He said, as educators they should be an example for their students, so that if teachers do not smoke it believes students will not dare smoke at school.

“This is our emphasis to teachers, especially teachers in junior high schools, high school and vocational school,” he said.

So also in the school cafeteria, he said, prohibited from selling cigarettes and provide ashtrays.

“We think the school cafeteria is part of education, therefore canteen to sell in accordance with the needs of students during breaks, such as selling food and drink,” he said.

He said there was a proposal of a few schools to provide a space where they can sell cigarettes, but they did not agree with that. A school has to be strict to implement these regulations.

“We have to remind the schools to not provide the space or room for smokers. If theywant to smoke, thay should go outside,” said Winata. “It’s the rules,” he said. There is no reason for schools to make special room smokers.

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