Rabies Claims Teacher’s Life

Rabies Claims Teacher’s Life


Bali’s rabies outbreak has claimed the life of a school teacher, 48-year-old Luh Sri Reksen from Seririt, Buleleng, her family said.

The primary-school teacher died of the disease on Wednesday after being bitten by a dog seven months ago but did not receive anti-rabies vaccination, family members said.

Her father, Ketut Wirata, said that shortly before his daughter succumbed to the virus she had been experiencing classic signs of rabies infection, including convulsions and foaming at the mouth, and was taken to a Seririt hospital.

It is understood tests are being performed to confirm the death is from rabies. If confirmed it will push rabies deaths well above 120 since the outbreak was identified in the southern Bukit area in late 2008.

Meanwhile, villagers in Seririt, on the north coast of Bali and near the Lovina holiday spot, have spoken of their revulsion at the amount of stray dogs in the area, and the threat they pose to the human population.

One said: “We want this area to be free of stray dogs and hope that the government can quickly eliminate them in our area. We’re scared that these dogs will bite us or our families.”

The Bali government in collaboration with the Ubud-based Bali Animal Welfare Association has been carrying out a vaccination programme since last September in a bid to rid Bali of rabies.

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  1. Mark Ulyseas says:

    Officials in the Bali government, as well as, those in BAWA must be criminally prosecuted for “ommission and commission” on their part. If this was a blasphemy case the ‘offenders’ would be instantly tried and jailed.

    I suppose the lives of Balinese appear to be below that of blasphemers.

    This is shameful.

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