Rabies Vaccine Runs Out Again

Rabies Vaccine Runs Out Again


Six of Bali’s nine districts — including Denpasar, where Sanglah, the chief rabies hospital which has its own supplies, is sited– were out of anti-rabies vaccine at the weekend.

Provincial government spokesman Ketut Teneng said on Monday the
shortage was because districts had not budgeted for vaccine purchases and instead were relaying on the island’s government to provide it.

Districts without vaccine are Denpasar city, Badung, Tababan,
Klungkung, Bangli and Buleleng. Only Karangasem, Gianyar and Jembrana have supplies.

Dog-bite victims requiring anti-rabies shots are being referred to Sanglah Hospital.

Teneng said, at his Monday media briefing, that vaccine was in short
supply or had run out because demand for possible post-exposure anti-rabies shots was very high.

Some districts had not allocated funds since the rabies outbreak began
in 2008, he said.

Teneng revealed that in the six months to June the provincial government had spent about Rp2.5 billion (US$275,000) on the vaccine, known as VAR, and was allocated additional money through budget amendments.

The Bali health office announced this week that 36 dog bites where the
animal could be identified and tested (out of 28,633 reported bites) had returned positive rabies infection.

More than 60 people have died of rabies or suspected rabies since the disease was first identified in late 2008 in the Ungasan area of the southern Bukit, where several unexplained deaths from rabies-like symptoms had occurred earlier.


  1. m says:

    Three weeks ago i bought a Kintamani puppy from the dog market across the road from the Pasar Burung in Denpasar.
    I took him straight to the vet for his vaccinations and the vet told us we had a great healthy puppy.
    I actually bought the puppy as we recently had a very violent break in at our home. I wanted to get a dog that would be good with my four year old daughter, so i chose a puppy because an older dog is not known for being great with small kids.
    Last weekend the puppy snapped and he bit three people, my daughter, my partner and my friend, in a very short period of time. Today it was confirmed that our poor little puppy had rabies. According to the incubation period of rabies in dogs, he had it when we got him. The pasar are selling rabid dogs! This needs to stop!

  2. The vaccine doesn’t do anything, it’s the immunoglobin shot that actually treats and prevents the disease. The immunoglobin is a bit expensive however and that is usually the problem in 3rd world countries like here in Philippines.

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