Rehab for Bali’s Rivers

Rehab for Bali’s Rivers

DENPASAR ~ The Bali government is to use its own funds to clean up rivers across the island as proposed funding from the central government is likely to be reduced, an official said this week.

“We actually proposed Rp24 billion (US$2.6 million) for river rehabilitation but we are unlikely to get it,” said I Nyoman Rai Yusha of the Public Works Department.

Allocation of environmental rehabilitation funding has been focused on the mudflow disaster in Porong, East Java, with less money available for other areas this year, said Yusha.

Rehabilitation of watercourses in Bali has become an important issue, after claims that river deformation was responsible for recent flooding, according to Yusha.

“Many of the rivers in Bali have been deformed. The rivers are becoming narrower because of development along the banks,” he said, adding that there were 447 watercourses in Bali, of which 85 were no longer active.

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