Road Along 364,1 km in Tabanan is Damaged

Road Along 364,1 km in Tabanan is Damaged


The road along 364,1 kilometer in Tabanan Regency, Bali, is damaged starting from minor to the major one.

“The road damage is spread evenly in all districts in Tabanan,” said the Head of Bina Marga Division of Public Work Department Tabanan Regency I Ketut Simbar.

He mentioned that the length of all roads in Tabanan Regency is up to 2.227,1 kilometers. Along 206,7 kilometers have minor damage and 157,4 kilometers are in major damage.

“The damage is just in the level of regency, district and village. The data not include the road damage in national and provincial level,” he said.

The road damage is caused by some factors, such as violation of goods transporting vehicles tonnage limit, weather and increase number of vehicles frequency.

“In addition, there are floods that peel the asphalt layer,” said Ketut Simbar.

On the other hand, the process of roadwork can’t be done at once. During period 2011-2012, the regional road that have been repaired is 87,94 kilometers.

This year the roadwork is along 44,2 kilometers spending budget up to Rp34 billions. “We aren’t closed our eyes. There are roads in some places damaged. But the roadwork program are still running,” he said.

For roads in village level participative program is needed by using PNPM budget up to Rp1,5 billion. “During this year there are 90 requests for repairing village road,” he said.

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