Sanglah Hospital Gets JCI Accreditation

Sanglah Hospital Gets JCI Accreditation


Sanglah General Center Hospital (RSUP) in Denpasar, was finally accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), a world-class accreditation agency, after struggling since 2011.

The Prime Director of RSUP Sanglah I Wayan Sutarga in Denpasar said the hospital now has international accreditation in the region of Bali-Nusa Tenggara.

The accreditation also made RSUP Sanglah the second government hospital in Indonesia to have JCI certificate, the first one is Dr Cipto Mangunkusumo National General Center Hospital in Jakarta.

However, this certificate will not change the image of RSUP Sanglah, which is that it only caters to weatlhy patients.

The assessment consists of 14 standard that are broken down into 1.218 indicators. To pass all indicators RSUP Sanglah has to undergo three surveys.

“During the survey in December 2012, from 1.218 indicators, we only pass 97 percent of them. We get three months to fix it. Then, in April 2013 they came to survey us again. Two weeks ago we got information that we passed the JCI accreditation,” said Sutarga.

He said that for one survey he spent about Rp 1.2 billion, which is all from the biggest hospital on the island. The central government only helps funding in completing deficient facilities.

The funds spent correlates with the quality of health service that people will get in the future.

“Quality can’t be measured with money. Although things are expensive, it’s all for the people,” Sutarga said.

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