Sea Sand Thief Fined IDR5 Million

Sea Sand Thief Fined IDR5 Million


The Village customary of Yehembang and Yehembang Kangin, Jembrana, fined Rp5 million to thief of sea sand, complete with the apology ceremony in some temples.

“We want to provide a deterrent effect to the perpetrators and they to pay a fine of Rp 5 million, and do ceremony in some temples,” said the head of Yehembang Kangin village, Mendoyo District, I Gede Suardika, Monday.

According to him, Wayan Widiarta, the sea sand theft that arrested by villagers, confessed and apologized to the local community.

He said, the village’s trial was attended by all relevant authorities such as the Village People or the Head of Yehembang Kangin village, as well as the police.

“In our village there had been awig awig or customary rules, which prohibit the sea sand mining. We are trying to apply it strictly, so our beaches are not damaged due to illegal mining,” he said.

In addition to the fine, the offender also make a statement to not to repeat his actions, which is also the promise he made when praying in the temple.

To Widiarta, he was given one week to implement the decision of the common law, with the assurance of his pickup that was deposited at the Police Mendoyo.

“He promised to undergo the customary decision on Tuesday. But if he breaks it, we will do the first to the third call. If it doesn’t work, his pick up car will be the property to pay the fine,” he said.

According to him, the perpetrator will be able to take the car back after paying at least 75 percent of the fine.

Earlier, dozens villagers of  Yehembang and Yehembang Kangin, raided sea sand thieves on Saturday (18/10) night.

Actually there are two trucks that come to the beach that night, but both managed to escape before the residents managed to close the access road.

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