Six Inmates of LP Kerobokan Don’t Do National Exam

Six Inmates of LP Kerobokan Don’t Do National Exam


Six inmates of Class II-A Denpasar Penitentiary (LP) in Kerobokan, Badung Regency, Bali, who are under 18 years old, couldn’t do the national exam as they don’t get the opportunity to do the package system obligatory learning program (Kejar).

“They are off-school since in the elementary school and can’t be proposed to do ‘Kejar Paket B’ because the requirement to propose the obligatory learning program is minimum twenty participants,” said the Head of Class II-A Denpasar Penitentiary Ngurah Wiratna.

According to him, those six inmates are from families that have social matter so it affects on their mental development.

However, LP Kerobokan will keep trying to propose their education so it could change their mindset and daily behavior.

He explained that those six recidivists, who had been imprisoned on robbery, are still in the process so they will be rehabilitated in LP Karangasem.

LP Kerobokan have provided various opportunities for the inmates, both children and adults, to follow training based on their interest and talent.

By having a wide range of training, Wiratna hoped that the inmates have knowledge for continuing their life when they are free.

Previously, the Head of Education, Youth and Sports Department (Disdikpora) Bali Province Anak Agung Ngurah Gede Sujaya said that the schedule of UN for SMA/SMK/MA and package C education equality in the region is delayed because of technical constraints on copying the UN test at the press. “UN that should start on last Monday (15/4), has to be delayed until Wednesday (17/4),” he said.

With this schedule delay, so the UN SMA/SMK/MA and Package C subject that should be on the first day or Monday (15/4) is delayed to Friday (19/4). The subject that should be on the second day or Tuesday is moved to Monday (22/4).

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