Songan Supply Farming Products to Other Regions

Songan Supply Farming Products to Other Regions


Farming products of Songan Village, Bangli Regency, are only used a little to supply demand in Bali because more are sent to other regions.

“The farming products here are mostly to supply Java and Lombok island,” said Nengah Mandiasa the Chief of Alengkong area, Songan-B Village.

The number of farming products is quite abundant up to hundreds tons for each harvest season from some product central in the region, which are chilies, onions, tomatoes and cabbages.

It occurs because in the village located 1.200 meters above sea level the people mostly are working as farmers.

“Entering dry season only 20-30 percent of farmers could produce crops by using water from Batur Lake and the rest experience difficulty,” he said.

The condition will make the price of some farming products increase although in the dry season its productivity increase 50 percent from rainy season.

“It is one of the obstacle so far, but the issue that must be concerned about to help improving farmers’ prosperity in the region is marketing that could give reasonable price,” he said.

The Head of UPT Agriculture Plantation and Forestry Kintamani District Wayan Dharma Yuda said that the obstacle faced to market farming products is its unpredictable price fluctuation.

“Besides, it’s the issue of distance so that transportation are rarely willing to take the crops directly in this region, and as a result many of them are not sold and decaying,” he said.

He said that he tries to facilitate and apply technology that could use the farming products in here as well as its marketing.

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