Spot-a-Homosexual Sketch Leads Police to Shop Bandit

Spot-a-Homosexual Sketch Leads Police to Shop Bandit


A man who allegedly robbed a minimarket in Jl Uluwatu, Jimbaran, has been caught by South Kuta Police after a sketch was drawn of his likeness by witnesses and they said he looked as if he was a homosexual.

The man, Suheri, 33, from Medan in North Sumatra, was arrested in Jl Uluwatu at Jimbaran at 4pm last Saturday and is being held at South Kuta Police headquarters in Nusa Dua.

South Kuta Police chief Nanan Prihasmoko told the media last Sunday surveillance cameras at the shop matched the suspect with the sketch drawn from witness account. “From the sketch his face looked like that of a homosexual,” Nanan said.

Because of this police were able to direct their inquiries towards the gay community, visiting places known to be favoured by gays in both Kuta and South Kuta.

The man was eventually caught when a plainclothes policeman spotted him in Jl Uluwatu. He fled on a motorbike but was later intercepted and arrested.

Staff at the minimarket identified him as the bandit and he made a full confession. He told police the shop assistant on duty at the minimarket had been asleep when he went to the shop and because he was desperate for money he had stolen cash from the cash register because it had been left open and contained what looked like a large sum of money.

He also filled a shopping basket with goods from the shelves.

Shop assistant Didik Sugianto later told police he had been unaware of the robbery until later.

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