St. Regis Slammed Over Butlers’ Western Names

St. Regis Slammed Over Butlers’ Western Names

By I Gusti Made Putra

DENPASAR ~ A luxury hotel in the tourist enclave of Nusa Dua urging its Balinese butlers to adopt Western names so that their well-heeled guests will feel more at home has enraged one of the country’s top spiritual leaders.

The St. Regis Resort and Spa, which opened to fanfare in March 2009, requests that its team of butlers uses names that are plucked from British literature, such as Edgar, in an apparent strategy to confer on the service staff an inference of the traditional British servant.

Anand Krishna, who runs spiritual centres and workshops in Bali and writes a weekly column in this newspaper, said he was outraged that the butlers were told to use Western names.

“I think the management of St. Regis is totally ignorant of the very purpose of tourism,” he told The Bali Times on Thursday.

“It is not only saddening but disheartening that a hotel of their repute could make such a blunder. A totally wrong understanding of the concept of tourism,” he said.

What’s in a Name: The entrance to the plush St. Regis at
Nusa Dua where butlers provided for high-paying guests
take Western names to help the wealthy cope with Bali.

The marketing and communications director at the St. Regis, Geetha Warrier, confirmed that the resort, located along the white-sand Geger Beach, employed butlers among its 30-strong, mostly Balinese team who used Western names.

“They are given a stage name derived from the most famous butlers in the world. It is a gimmick, a talking point, which is received very positively by the team and guests alike,” she told The Bali Times.

“These English names are chosen by the butlers themselves and are not forced upon them. We have butlers who use their own names.”

However, some of the butlers at the St. Regis, who cater to guests who shell out up to US$5,500 per night, according to rates on the hotel’s website, have reportedly said they are uncomfortable using an adopted Western name and would rather use their own.

Krishna said foreign tourists should be open to the experience of enjoying the delights of a different country.

“The original idea of tourism was to visit new places, and learn new things. A Peter coming to Bali must get to know Putu here, and taste some pasar (market) delicacies,” he said.

“When I visit my daughter in Spain, I do not look for Indonesian satay or Indian curry there. I prefer tapas and Sangria. I do not want nasi goreng in Los Angeles; I would rather have bacon and sausages for my breakfast. I eat fish and chips in London; I would not look for ikan bakar. I go all the way to Raffles in Spore to have a Singapore Sling.”

The spiritual guru, who has worked with the Dalai Lama, called for action against the St. Regis.

“I suggest that Bali Tourism Board and other government institutions reprimand the management of St. Regis, and ensure that this situation is changed immediately,” he said.

Meanwhile, Desiderius Rian Karismaputra of the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) in Jakarta told The Bali Times that the top-end hotel’s policy violated the intrinsic rights of their employees.

“Under the law, Indonesians have the right to use their own name, and cannot be forced to change it to something else,” he said.

“According to the Law on Antidiscrimination of Race and Ethnicity, Article 4, there is a term of one year in jail or a fine of Rp100,000 (US$10,600) for violations,” he said.

The St. Regis joins a growing number of high-end hotels in Bali. Part of the US-based Starwood group, its sister properties in Bali include the Westin, Le Méridien and Laguna, while a W hotel is under construction.

Suarno of conflict-resolution section of the Department of Manpower in Badung regency, where most of the island’s tourism is located, said, however, that if there was an agreement between the hotel and its employees that was approved by the All Indonesia Workers Union (KSPSI), there would be no problem.

“But if the company is not a member of the KSPSI, the workers of the hotel can complain directly to the management of the hotel, that they don’t like using a Western name,” Suarno told The Bali Times.

The St. Regis said that because it was a new hotel, its employees were not yet members of the KSPSI.


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  2. Lilly White says:

    Yes, this is an outrage. I do not take people to Bali on yearly spiritual journeys just to have a Balinese with a western name.. We go there for the reality , the spiritually , the grace of Bali. Bravo Krishna for bringing our awareness to this rubbish..

  3. Aisanya says:

    What a shame for St Regis! They better not open any hotels outside England if they want to have all English buttler in the first place. It is such harrasment. I do, completely agree with Anand Krishna. They have missed the meaning of tourism itself. And the Ministry of Culture and Tourism must read this outrage news, and do something!

  4. Mauren says:

    Wow, this is a twisted idea to me. I come to Bali because I want to experience its unique culture and tradition. Clearly I don’t expect to meet a Balinese named Edgar..

  5. Putu says:

    As a Balinese every name have a meaning, like a hope and pray, “our name is our virtue” that was may parent said. Name is one of our believe system in Bali that why we wouldn’t change our name without any “Big” reason. this is our culture, Balinese culture. please take care of it.

  6. Christine says:

    i am a big fan of Bali, i am crazy about Bali. and yes, Bali is not the same with 12 years ago, when the 1st time i came to Bali. Even her face is different, but yes until last year, I can feel the energy -the healing and peaceful energy is still there. Thank you for this article and your brave opinion mr.Krishna. I suggest to everybody, let’s experience bali, not british, spain, india, china while you are in bali. Christine – Italy

  7. Hamamah says:

    After read this article, I fee worry, Bali, where will you go? Are your people aware about their future? I’ve seen movie ‘Avatar’ last week, then I understand what Mr Krishna mean..I see Bali will be one of the lost eden..if their people not start to change this condition immediately. Thank you Mr. Krishna

  8. hadi says:

    shameful thing has been done and more embarrassing for the government and the people bali not take action to reprimand them.

  9. Colin Anderson says:

    So people have to live with the names that were forced on them by their parents! What about all the Hery’s , Denny’s, Jonny’s etc – and to Lilly White, I would only say that I’ll bet that all those people coming here on ‘spritual journeys” dont go anywhere near such a colonial era systems like Butlers – anfd they are probably vegetarians to boot.!

  10. Haryadi says:

    100% agree with Bapak Anand Krishna. St. Regis has forgot the essence of tourism and appreciation toward local wisdom/culture.
    Your excellency Minister of Culture and Tourism, please don’t exchange our Budaya Nusantara for money! Remember that you are Menteri Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata! Culture (Kebudayaan) comes first! Not vice versa!

  11. This is ridiculous! I totally agree with Mr. Anand Krishna, people travel to experience something new, so I didn’t see the point to create English name for buttlers in Bali.
    Anyone who open their business in Bali, should respect local culture.

  12. Christine says:

    If this continues Bali, Bali loss is his own and the government. Because there is no revenue for the Bali and the government when viewed from the side of the business. Foreigners visiting Bali to see the other side of Bali, he did not want to be like his own home, if it’s going to be like their own home, they’ll think I’m better at my house just for what in Bali. And cultures long bali will be lost.

    Arise, O bali ….. you do not want to be raped by those who use it yourself.

  13. Afni says:

    If this continues Bali, Bali loss is his own and the government. Because there is no revenue for the Bali and the government when viewed from the side of the business. Foreigners visiting Bali to see the other side of Bali, he did not want to be like his own home, if it’s going to be like their own home, they’ll think I’m better at my house just for what in Bali. And cultures long bali will be lost.

    Arise, O bali ….. you do not want to be raped by those who use it yourself.

  14. Nyoman Sri says:

    “It’s a gimmick!” changing names just for gimmick”? Don’t the management St Regis aware of it’s effect? Later on it may also change the name of Bali.
    Don’t they aware that they are here because of Bali, not Bali because of them?

    My dear Bali friends and visitors who come and stay in Bali, we can not allow this kind of things happen again. We should respect the Bali Motherland who feeds us all with Her nature, beauty and culture.

    Ashamed on me as Balinese, stay in Bali, doesn’t aware about this. My sincere thanks to Mr Anand Krishna who really care about Bali.
    Bali, wake up!

  15. Meera says:

    O my God! it’s happend in Bali? Can’t believe..people who came to Bali must be see the culture of Bali, and putu,wayan, made, ketut it’s all culture’s can the guess see Andrew in “sawo matang”skin? Hellooo!! Where are you Ministry of Culture and Tourism?? Pleasee get well soon!!

  16. Edy says:

    I am a Balinese and I don’t need your butler’s name. We proud of our name. And please..please Bali doesn’t need any butler colonial culture or whatever. Helloo..We have our own culture! I’m very much sure that people come to Bali, like Bapak Anand Krishna said, to experience Balinese culture. Not to find a butler for God sake!
    And Government of Badung regency and also the Governor of Bali must take an action or make a statement to reprimand this ridiculous hotel policy.

  17. kandaga says:

    It is a mockery, blasphemy to the Balinese and to the Indonesian. St Regis should stop this kind of policy. We all know what they are trying to do….. Respect our tradition, respect our culture, respect our name. Don’t try to change anything good on us, we know what you are trying to do. We are not stupid. Stop this, let’s build a mutual respect among us if you can’t do so, go back and take your rude behaviour to your country.

  18. maria says:

    totally agree with Mr. Anand, Bali doesn’t need any butler, let the people who came to Bali experience Bali. As a Balinese, i hope that government take an action SOON!! please do not exchange our culture for money money and money!!!

  19. Helen says:

    What a ridiculous things. I 100% agree with Mr Krishna. Please understand that every country have their own uniqueness. So please don’t disturb our Balinese uniqueness in whatever form such as in forcing our Balinese butler changing their name into Western Names.

  20. Putu Harumini Waras says:

    I am Balinese. I am proud of my name. Yes, my friends call me Harum which is sounded not Balinese, but usually people, including my family, will call me Putu out of respect. There’s nothing wrong with Herry, Denny, Edgar, Sari, Edy, Krishna..etc. But it becomes totally ridiculuos when Sari changes into Sarah, Putu becomes Phoebe, Edi becomes Edgar, just to make the expensive guests feel at home. So, why did they come to Bali? To feel at home or to experience something different from home ?. Anyway, my parent named me with a purpose,yes, like a prayer. I am not forced to accept this name for I understand what behind it, I understand the Balinese culture. What a shame a world class hotel whose pocket becomes thicker and thicker due to Bali, but don’t understand its culture. Thank you pak Krishna for bringing it up.

  21. Nina says:

    what a shame…..

  22. Surya says:

    An interesting gimmick… but too bad it is only good for English men NOT for any other nationality. I do hope that initially there is no intention to humiliate and descriminate but merely a creation of “rational” dimension.

    Although at the first place you never meant a humiliation or descrimination to the Balinese, I would strongly suggest St.Regis cancel the idea and apologize to the employees who dont agree with the idea.

  23. noelle says:

    Yes anand this is really silly
    They claim the balinese think it is Ok…I bet that is because they would rather say OK than not get the job.
    This is understandable.
    Bu it is ignorant and stupid of the St Regis who should know better

  24. Agung Kusuma says:

    If Bali ignoring this kind of sublime violation toward the innermost, without doubt Bali is in highway to the destination of yesterday and the Balinese will soon be vanished. The land of Bali, being mutilated all out. Now we forced to sell our soul for a tiny crumb of dollar. What will we left for our children? Dearest Bapak Menteri Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata, open your heart and mind,our mother earth is weeping.

  25. Putu Kesuma says:

    I am a Balinese and I have been working in tourism industry for more than 20 years, from a five star business hotel to a five star boutique hotel. During that period up to present time, I have been dealing with customers from royal family to celebrities. I never heard any single comment from those people that I have dealt with regarding the name of the staff in whatever position is! To me, a Balinese has to change his name to western name because of their position is an insult. And an insult according to Indonesian law can be sued. I feel sorry for those Balinese who work at St Regis and accept this changes and I want to ask the Balinese and Indonesian executive who work at St Regis, where are you my friends?

    In my company where I now work, the greetings is in Bahasa Indonesia, and use Bahasa to call guest title like Bapak or Ibu.

    I totally agree with Mr. Krishna. If people from overseas would like to enjoy whatever they have in their country they need not come to Bali.

    If for some reason we found those kind of people, it’s time for us to “teach” them.

  26. Putu says:

    I am in shock that the St Regis would even consider asking a butler to change his/her name to an English name and I am very proud of pak Krishna in brining it up, however, to hear everyone comment on how they visit Bali for the rich culture and spirituality makes me laugh…. Nusa Dua is hardly the true Bali, it’s one 5* International hotel after another, with International standards and Balinese decor. The people serving you may be Balinese, they also may be Javanese and they are all trained in the International hotel standard of service. Kuta is FULL of tourists and you are more likely to be offered drugs than you are any spiritual experience. If you REALLY wanted to experience TRUE Bali, you would avoid these tourist infested places to begin with. Oh and for the person who said that English butlers can be found only in England; you would be hard pressed to find an English man in England these days – they are all in Bali, or Spain, or the South of France, or Australia or ……..

  27. Made Harimbawa says:

    Maybe a name in western culture is simply a way to call someone or something. But in Bali we understand that the word ‘name’ has the same root with ‘namah’ and ‘namas’, ‘namaste’ meaning (I) honour, respect (you). So, a name is not simply ‘names’. Every name has it’s own meaning that the parents give to their child.

    I agreed with Anand Krishna here, and I deeply regret St. Regis decision to (deliberately or not) change their employee name as a gimmick.

  28. Agung Sudarsa says:

    Like Soekarno, I just want to say, Go to the hell with your invest St. Regis, or you got respect the local wisdom as a guest in Bali.

  29. Trita Kanyaka says:

    Get well soon, St.Regis

  30. Agung Sudarsa says:

    I hope St. Regis got respect the local Balinese wisdom and culture as a guest in Bali.

  31. Terima says:

    Let’s just go to the law.

    “According to the Law on Antidiscrimination of Race and Ethnicity, Article 4, there is a term of one year in jail or a fine of Rp100,000 (US$10,600) for violations,” he said.

    Are you happy if your name change to Balinese name?

  32. Hermawaty says:

    I am confuses with the st Regis mean to changed the name of the Balinese butlers. what wrong with their name? How could st Regis running their business in Bali with such arrogant.
    Thanks to mr. Anand Krishna to remind all of us..
    so dont let their sell our pride of name for business and money.

  33. muliarta says:

    ignorant…do we sell our identity just for dollar…what a shame …where is our pride… es ist sehr traurig zum hoeren …wenn wir unsere identitaet merere geld zu bekommen…..

  34. dek kastawan says:

    stop sell bali for some silver..!come on balineses stand up n stop outrage to our culture!

  35. nino graciano says:

    first,it’s crazy!.Second, St.Regis is not a stage, they – the employees – do not need a stage name.people come to bali to see n feel the culture of Bali, the names of Bali, the beauty of Bali.

    why don’t the owners, change the name – st. regis – to a bali’s name? …if they don’t want to change it, they better do not force an INDONESIAN to use western names!

  36. ariwangsa says:

    Let’s look around n see what happens.Let’s cherish ourselves first n do the same to others…This shameful thing should no more happen elsewhere in Bali n Indonesia,including to any subjects such as dress-code,culinary etc.Respect the culture where u are living

  37. Ayu Catriani says:

    I am feel sorry for this case, I am agree with Bapak Anand Krishna. Please save our Island..
    I beleive that many tourists come to Bali just to enjoy the originalitas of the Paradise Island. That is reality..
    Hope this thing no more happen in our beautifull island.

    I Love Bali very much.

  38. Peter Jordan says:

    Seldom heard so much ridicule!
    As if we care that a butler has a western name …
    I tell you what, I love Bali with all it’s Putu’s, Eka’s, Kadek’s, Made’s etc. and if this is really true, I will not set foot in The Regis anymore.
    I am very sure that this stupid move was invented by an ex-pat who doesn’t have a clue about Bali.
    Go home ‘James’!

  39. Kadek Ernayanti says:

    I am very deeply sad for my BALI .. Please remember why those guests come to this beloved island .. They would like to find something different .. the BALINESE uniqueness .. not the mask they using on their face to hide the real them ..

  40. tari says:

    St Regis be ashamed, u must know this is Indonesia not British, we have own culture and we proud of our culture!

  41. Yana says:

    Hopefully there will be mutual understanding for the two sides.

    Thank you Pak Anand.

  42. Agungpindha says:

    he he he.. when you thought you’ve seen it all.
    Boom ,,, along come a new one.
    Up to now , i haven’t heard the name of this hotel , I am prety sure there are should be another way to make a sensation , i think…
    Hey.. come to think of it , why don’t they just give them a number such as B1 , B2 ,B3 and so on,
    (buttler 1 , 2,3… 40 ) yeap…. that’s it.
    Btw , can we change the name of the hotel to Balinese name ? Perhaps not.
    Ah..well , i’m sure its hapen for a reason , what would that be?

    shanti , what’s next?

  43. Made Bhas says:

    We must move to save Bali, save the identity.
    Not only share this article.
    Come on my brothers and sisters,if you care about Bali, you must discuss this article with all of your friends and family.
    Save the Beautiful Island, NOW!!!

  44. Ketut Ray Suwana says:

    I am a BALINESE…and as a youth of BALI..
    what a rediculous..!!
    and like part of my body remove from my whole body…just think you omitted the most important part of your body that shows your identity…
    same…if you want to try to omission identity and culture…we as youth of BALI will take some movement to keep our Integrity and pride as BALINESE…

  45. Angga says:

    it’s very crazy…
    we must save Bali.

  46. Putra says:

    Oh Bali, oh pub, oh discotheque, oh double six, oh poppies lane, oh night live, oh house music, oh striptease, oh dream land, oh bikini bottom. Thats not Balinese culture but many tourist come to Bali for deal with it.

  47. mang mertha says:

    Tottaly agree with Mr. Khrisna. Sad but true, our culture slowly replaced with foreign note. Hopefully we will realize, that down to earth and respects as in Tat Wam Asi, is the way to go. Mari belajar, Baliku!!

  48. nugroho says:

    Please change the name soon…..!!!

  49. dave says:

    Ive spent most of my 49 years travellingthe world, and have always avoided the tourist enclaves such as Club Med, For me, to experience local culture and way of life is how you get to know the country you visit and know its people.
    In Bali, ive always avoided the little oases of bule, i live in Denpasar in a mainly Balinese/ indonesian area, and like it that way, im more informed and aware of my wifes people and culture than i would be staying in Nusa Dua.
    Good on you Pak Anand Krishna

  50. Patrick says:

    Such disrespect to Balinese culture should not be permitted to open business on this beautiful Island. Forced or not, a reputable hotel like St. Regis shouldn’t implement such idea…I agree with Anand Krishna, this is against the very meaning of tourism.

  51. Dayu says:

    let save our bali with save the balinese name from our Greatest Ancient ..

  52. Putu says:

    That’s all St. Regis marketing strategy,just let’s wait and see, are their guests will love to stay with them just because the butler names are western names. That’s all their problem. The important thing is the butlers feel no one forced them and they feel comfortable using western names.
    Don’t close our eyes, we are in this generation love to give our children different names(not only from balinese name). Did you find new baby with name’s I Made Sentul. I think it will more easier to find Made Fery, right? Nothing bad about that, that’s all good. Balinese will have more vocabulary. Bravo to everybody!!!!

  53. Putu Kusuma Yudha, SH says:

    that’s the STUPID policy I ever Heard….

  54. Dwita says:

    There is nothing wrong with this. We must realistic.Our young generation in fact many adopt western names combine with balinese names Putu “Edward” Narayana, Komang “Kelvin” Ramananda etc. If we are look from the other angel I think this is make BALI go to GLOBAL as long as no force each other.Hyang Widhi will be with you always…..suksma

  55. Wayan Kaler says:

    Kepada Management St. Regis, sebaiknya segera mengganti aturan itu ataupun yang diklaim sebagai “alat” untuk membuat tamu anda nyaman dengan memanggil nama butlernya dengan nama asing. Butler anda terlahir dengan nama pemberian dari orang tuanya.. anda tidak berhak untuk mengganti ataupun hanya sekedar menyarankan untuk menggantinya… sangat aneh rasanya mendengar ada nama “edgar” dengan muka orang Bali…
    Bagi orang Bali… nama tidak hanya sekedar nama itu semua mempunyai arti yang didoakan oleh orang tua kami..

    Bagi rekan2 management dan karyawan St. regis yang dari Bali dan wilayah Indonesia lainnya, mana rasa nasionalisme dan kebanggaan anda sebagai orang Bali dan sebagai Bangsa Indonesia??? kenapa hanya karena bekerja disana anda mau menerima aturan ataupun yang dikatakan “ALAT” oleh management anda???

    (maaf moderator, saya tidak bisa memberikan komentar dengan bahasa Inggris… karena saya “ORANG BALI TULEN DAN ASLI BANGSA INDONESIA!!!!!!!”

  56. Irfan says:

    well mostly, i agree with you Mr. Krishna.
    However, in this case i am not agree if all the butler staff at St. regis bali were forced to used their butler name. The butler names at St. Regis Bali, were given to their staff to helped all the guest who stay in there to recognize their name more easier. And they introduce their name ” as they butler name ” not “as their name “.

    And there is no policy from the hotel if the butler staff must used their nick name. and they used it only for the optional in operational.

    That is, i hope we all be positive thinking about this matter. And don’t judge others without know anything first.

    Just be wised people…

  57. nick's the butler says:

    well,i am a butler too,so nothing wrong with it,
    we were choose that name because they were great,as a butler we would like to be famous like them,right?because they using western name instead made,komang or putu its doesn’t mean that it will changes bali,bali still the best island ever.go for it st.regis

  58. WAYAN KARTIKA says:

    oh my god…………………i am so sad,dont hurt my bali any more……

  59. I MADE SURATA says:

    ridiculous,..for a respected establishment like st regis to make a statement or policy like that. What a dummy blunder, please dont take our Character and Identity away from us. Its a sacred things took a tons of ceremony just to give a balinese people their name. Now they want to change it? its not that easy my friend.
    bravo proud of your island and who you are.

  60. Mahardika says:

    Thanks Bapak Anand, we 100% agree with You. Thanks for all of You.. Brothers and sisters…….let save our Bali with more right action

  61. Pramudya says:

    What a “Monkey Show”…

  62. levyndo says:

    To Nick’s the butler…

    Come on man, you’re completely out of your mind. Why would every butlers want to be famous ? Those butlers have chosen their own path instead of want to be famous. I think it’s your only dream who want to be famous. If you want to be famous, don’t work as a butler, but you can join the Idol programme. Wake up, man !!

    Remember, Bali is famous for its appreciation of their culture and how they keep their culture !!

    Furthermore, you don’t speak good english to be famous !!

  63. made doplank says:

    Why the comment become very racis now???what’s wrong if balinese having name like edgar,james or other western name…preserving balinese culture is not just only using balinese name,come on people let see in bigger picture.My neighbor name is putu dharma putra,but he drunk arak daily and disturb other nighbor,that you call save bali????
    it’s writen clearly in the article that the hotel never force their staff to use western name….so what the problem then????as balinese we are famous because we are friendly and very open minded…

  64. nick's the butler says:

    To levyndo…

    you will never understand what butler is?
    so please learn more about such as an idiot dude.

  65. otong says:

    hah.. dasar jaman sekarang cari duit susah.
    nama aja harus diganti, itu kan yg ngasih bapak saya..

    oke deh kalo gitu saya mau panggil nama GMnya sesuka2 saya boleh kan..

    nextime kalo ketemu gw panggil dia “Otong”

  66. Icha says:

    Okay, first let me get several things clear:
    1. I’m a Balinese Indonesian and I write this in English because I want to communicate with other ppl who don’t necessarily understand Indonesian language. I am in no way disrespectful to my own mother tongue by writing this in English (a language that I’m fond of as well).

    2. “They are given a stage name derived from the most famous butlers in the world. It is a gimmick, a talking point, which is received very positively by the team and guests alike,” she told The Bali Times.

    “These English names are chosen by the butlers themselves and are not forced upon them. We have butlers who use their own names.”

    But doesn’t St. Regis sees how colonial it is? It’s like forcing Mumbai into becoming Bombay, or Kolkata into Calcutta. Don’t get me wrong. I love British culture. I adore Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell and Spooks. Name any Brits pop culture and I’m on it. Heck, I know more about British TV series than US TV series!

    But by inserting the use of English name into the management rules, it annexes and ignores local cultures and wisdoms. It’s a different thing if an Indonesian couple chooses ‘Christina’ or ‘Peter’ as the name of her Javanese/Balinese daughter/son. But once a person has his/her own name, it’s very unwise to ask them to change or adopt a stage name to please the guests, who are most likely more willing to interact with local names anyway instead of encountering another Richard.

    St. Regis, please drop the colonial mind-frame and respect local cultures. If a person wants to change his name from ‘Wayan’ to ‘Wayne’ in the passport and KTP, it’s up to him. But it should be done voluntarily, and not forced (or even mildly suggested) by the management.

  67. billy says:

    Hey, don’t you think we were provocated over this simple thing ???

    Come on people.. Nothing’s wrong with St Regis and Nothing’s wrong with Bali…


  68. Made Dogler says:

    @Made doplank…. it’s not about right or wrong if Balinese people has western name but it become a problem it that people asked to use different name for “some bussiness purpose” like St. Regis done.. yes I agree there are so many of our brother with Balinese name still drunk and disturbing their neighbour… But thats different case man….
    What do you think if you work for them and the management give you your bussiness card with “Jhon” name on it??? dont you have a pride with your Bali name??? If you dont like your Bali name just change it and change your nationality.. Bali is famous with our friendliness and oven minded but dont too oven minded and change your balinese caracter ok… (Bli de ke barat ke birit nah)

  69. Made Keplug says:

    @ Nick the butler… where are coming from? if you are a balinese with western butler name than you are not trully balinese… just change your KTP ok and apply for other nationality in other country…. if you are not balinese than stay away and dont put any comment in this case coz you will not understand the meaning of our Balinese Name…

  70. cool the suck says:

    to nick’s the butler:

    you should go back to USA then ,, the land of opportunity… rather than stay in Bali but using western name…

    Saya setuju dengan pendapatnya Wayan Kaler
    saya jg orang bali asli.

  71. richard says:

    cant imagine wats happening in the resorts in bali. get well soon st. regis

  72. komang randy says:

    to all..don’t you have better thing to do???? by post a comment in this forum, only make it realistic and open minded, we all are not a saint, we are just human with lots of limitation..come on no body perfect in this world…..stop judging other people,cause we are no better…

  73. Alfredo says:

    These measures by St. Regis – (and by the brand which this hotel belongs to, Starwoods Hotels) are sanctioned not only by Indonesian labour law, but also by the International Covenant on Social and Economical Rights, articles 2 to 5, just to mention one. In addition, both European and American laws have clear restrictions for abusive measures, such as this “renaming of workers” would be considered to be.


    Hey Guys… As a balinese, i am proud everything about Bali and Indonesia as well, please people! open your mind! It’s just a small thing then people try to mix up our mind by take the culture of Bali in this matter. There’s nothing wrong on both sides and this matter, you may say everything as you want! People, do you realize? Actually it’s same like a sheep fighting when colonial did last time. And now you may see what’s up with spiritualman? so, Just keep your way in the right way and not to hurt each other!

  75. putu kusuma yudha, SH says: