Stand By For More Heavy Rains, Courtesy of La Nina

Stand By For More Heavy Rains, Courtesy of La Nina


More very heavy rains are on the way for Bali, peaking in November and December, according to forecasters. They say the current La Nina climate cycle will bring flood rains with up to two hours of rainfall at a time at an intensity of 30-100mm an hour.

The weather bureau (BMKG) head of data and information in Bali, Endro Tjahjono, says analysis of sea temperatures, current weather patterns and pressure gradients shows the La Ni?a effect is intensifying.

He warned in an alert issued last week that landslides were a risk in hilly areas and lowland flooding was also a risk.

Rising sea surface temperatures in Indonesian waters not only point to an intense rainy period in November and December but also to the La Nina weather continuing until April.

La Nina (the Girl Child), which brings heavy rain to Indonesia and Australia and drought to the Pacific coast of South America, is a Pacific Ocean climatic phenomenon that usually operates on an eight-year cycle.

The reverse phenomenon, El Nino (the Christ Child, so named because it generally becomes apparent around Christmas in the southern hemisphere’s summer), brings dry conditions to the south-west Pacific and Indonesia and causes flood rains in South America.

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