Suharto’s Half-Brother Free from Jail

Suharto’s Half-Brother Free from Jail

Pak HartoJAKARTA ~ A half-brother of late president Suharto was freed from prison on Wednesday after serving two thirds of an original four-year sentence for corruption.

Probosutedjo was jailed in 2005 for siphoning more than Rp100 billion (about US$10 million at the time) of public money for a project to map forestry logging in the vast archipelago nation.

The businessman was granted conditional release after serving most of his sentence, and accumulating remissions totalling six months and 25 days, said the head of Sukamiskin Prison in Bandung.

“He left around 5:30am; his family took him,” jail chief Sutardjo Bandung said.

Probosutedjo was the second member of the Suharto family to be jailed. Suharto’s youngest son Hutomo Mandala Putra, better known as Tommy, was freed in October 2006, also on conditional release, after serving just a third of an original 15-year sentence over the murder of a judge.

Suharto, who died in January, escaped a corruption trial, despite being accused of amassing a huge fortune during his 32 years in power, with his lawyers claiming his poor health would not allow him to stand in court.

Suharto was also accused of overseeing corruption that benefited his family and cronies.

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