Suspected Service-Station Bandit Arrested

Suspected Service-Station Bandit Arrested


Bali police working with their counterparts in neighbouring East Java province have arrested a man suspected of involvement in a recent spate of service-station robberies.

The man, identified by his initials, YS, was seized by a team of officers from Bali at his home in East Java. A police spokesman said that the suspect – who did not resist arrest – had been tracked down using information provided by East Java Police, but added that they were still hunting four other men.

“He was working with four friends,” the spokesman said.

The arrested man is believed to have taken part in three armed robberies at service stations in Bali in recent months. A gang of thieves struck stations in Ubud and on the Udayana University campus near Jimbaran in October, netting an estimated total of Rp178 million (US$19,933). A third robbery took place in Abiansemal on January 15, when the gang used a crowbar to remove a safe containing Rp34.8 million ($3,897).

A police spokesman told reporters that he believed the same gang was connected to a recent string of violent break-ins at villas and residential properties in southern Bali.

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