Temple Theft Man Gets Six-and-a-Half Years’ Jail

Temple Theft Man Gets Six-and-a-Half Years’ Jail


One of the men in the temple theft ring broken by police last year has been sentenced to six-and-a-half-years’ jail after a trial in the Amlapura District Court in Karangasem, the regency where many of the thefts took place.

Komang Gede Pariana, 23, also known as Roko Apple, was sentenced by a panel of judges chaired by Judge Wayan Merta. The sentence was six months longer than the term sought by the prosecution.

Evidence at the trial convinced the judges that Pariana, from Rendang, Karangasem, was guilty of theft with aggravation, contrary to article 363 of the Criminal Code.

The judges said they found no extenuating circumstances and Pariana had broken religious symbols and violated the law on cultural property.

Pariana, formerly a truck driver, told the court he had been a member of the theft ring with two other men yet to face trial, one of them I Gusti Putu Oka Riadi Aji, 55, also known as Gung Tabanan and identified as the gang leader.

He admitted having broken into the Dalem Dadia Pering Temple at Rendang and another temple at Muncan, and to having acted as the supervisor of the break-in gang on those occasions.

Pariana’s cousin, Wayan Eka Putra, 25, also known as Surung, is charged with the same offences on a separate indictment.

Italian national Roberto Gamba, 60, who was arrested along with Pariana and others last year, remains in police custody under investigation over allegations that he organised the overseas sale of prohibited relics.

It is alleged the string of 30 or more temple thefts since 2006 commenced at about the time Gamba arrived in Bali to live.


  1. troy says:

    Om Swastyastu we deal with them. You stupid, stupid people. Sacred places and you do that, i reckon your life is not worth living for doing such a terrible thing to all those locals who have ceremonies in these beautiful spiritual places. What and see what Om will have for you for the rest of your life. Good like you stupid people Pariana, Putra, Aji n Gamba – you will need it. Deal with them Om Swatyastu

  2. giselmo lacchiarella says:

    I give back known that Roberto Gamba, the Italian arrested in the past September to Bali for theft of Pratima, after to have deducted a slight trouble of alone five months of prison, is again in freedom, in possession of a new Italian passport that agrees to enter him freely in Indonesia, recently was at Bali, even though he reside mainly to Lombok.

  3. giselmo lacchiarella says:

    I give back known that Roberto Gamba, charged for theft and receiving of Pratima the past September to Bali, after to have deducted a trouble of alone 5 months, is again in Indonesia with a new Italian passport, on which you have not opposed some stamp of the indonesian government that the undesirable declared, so, he travels undisturbed for the Indonesia, he resides mainly to Lombok, and it is brought often to make visit to the indonesian fiancée To Bali, continuing undisturbed the prori business, gaining and selling objects of art balinese of doubtful origin. to the opposite one, its accomplices are at the moment held in the prisons balinesi, where deduct a trouble of six years.

  4. Jacobi says:

    How it’s possible to come again in indonesia when you are deported even if you have a new passport?
    There is no informatic network system to stop and block him ?
    Incredible !

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