The Ministry Decide that Kubutambahan is Fit for Airport Establishment

The Ministry Decide that Kubutambahan is Fit for Airport Establishment


The Ministry of Transportation thought that the Kubutambahan area, in Buleleng Regency, is fit and qualified for airport establishment in North Bali region.

“The result of study on three locations shows that seeing from its location, Kubutambahan is the best one,” said the General Director of Air Transportation, Herry Bakti, in Nusa Dua, Badung Regency.

Beside Kubutambahan, two other locations had gone through feasibility study on airport establishment, they are Jembrana Regency and Gerokgak, Buleleng Regency.

Althoughit is suitable, he still waits for further study in relation to the land acquisition to layout revision, which is done by the regional government.

“We’ve sent letter to the Governor to ask the continuation of land acquisition, layout must be revised, it must be followed up,” he said.

A number of investors had approached the Ministry of Transportation related to the new airport establishment in North Bali.

However, Herry didn’t mention the name of investors who want to invest on building the second airport in the Island of God.

He mentioned that now there are some investors from Japan, South Korea, Germany, and England who are interested.

Richard Graham as the special delegation of British Prime Minister, David Cameron, some days ago had met Herry to ask establishment of airport in North Bali and other airport in Indonesia.

“It just an approach, not only for Bali, but for all airport establishment in Indonesia to be put in cooperation,” he said.

Before there was an Indian investor, ‘GVK Power and Infrastructure Limited’ who wanted to invest in establishing airport in Buleleng. But the investor finally went as according to Herry the contract for feasibility study is expired in a year.

Meanwhile, in relation to further feasibility analysis and realization of airport establishment, Herry can’t assure as he is waiting for follow up action on the land and layout.

“Now it is good from one side only, we are waiting for the regional government to follow up,” he said.

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