The Murder Case of American will not Affect Tourism

The Murder Case of American will not Affect Tourism


Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika stated that the murder of the United States citizen Sheila Ann Von Weise,64, does not affect Bali’s tourism since the case was caused by internal factors of victim’s family.

“There is no impact. Public also know and understand,” he said in Denpasar on Sunday.

Pastika urged people not to state that the security in Bali disrupted by the incident because the cause is an internal factor considering the perpetrators are the victim’s daughter and her boyfriend, Heather Louis,19, and Schaffer Tommy,21.

Pastika only hoped that the case can be soon revealed by the efforts of the police.

“So do not blame the security forces and assume that security is not good. Importantly the case can be revealed,” said this former head of the Bali Police.

He said that the security related to tourism will get disturbed in case of robbery or pick pocketing.

Sheila Ann Von Weise found dead and his body was stored in a large suitcase on Tuesday (8/12).

The incident began when Tommy ordering a taxi and insert the bloodstained suitcase in the trunk of a taxi in front of the lobby at one of the luxury hotel in Nusa Dua, Badung, where they stayed.

After waiting for two hours, the two did not show up to the hotel lobby but it was known to escape from surveillance cameras through the back lanes.

Police later arrested the two on one spot in Kuta by gaining information from the local hotel clerk on Wednesday (8/12) morning.

In addition to secure the CCTV footage, the police also collected a number of evidence those are suitcases and some evidence in the victim’s room and suspects.

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