The New Airport Needs 1,200 Hectares of Land

The New Airport Needs 1,200 Hectares of Land


The new airport in the area of North Bali needs about 1,200 hectares of land so it could be used for establishing two runways.

“On that location, the land owned by government of Bali Province is only 650 hectares. So, we need land acquisition,” said Buleleng Regent Putu Agus Suradnyana in Singaraja.

Previously, Governor of Bali Made Mangku Pastika decided that the location of new airport is at Sumberkima Village, Gerokgak District, Buleleng Regency.

Sumberkima village defeated Kubutambahan as an alternative of the new airport location in North Bali based on the assessment from Ministry of Transportation team.

The Regent soon will compile the regulation in relation to the determination of status quo of new airport establishment at Sumberkima village to avoid land transaction in the areas that are going to be the new airport location.

“The regulation that will be prepared could be in the form of Regent Regulation or Decree,” said Suradnyana.

With the regulation, so the land located in the area of the new airport will not be carelessly traded.

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