The Rich Get Richer..and now the Rich stay younger too..Is it fair?

The Rich Get Richer..and now the Rich stay younger too..Is it fair?

Anti-Aging medical technologies are fast changing the way people look and feel. But the latest and greatest advances are only available to the very wealthy. Is this really fair?

Bangkok July 7, 2004 Dr. Robert Goldman, Chairman of the A4M (American Academy of Anti-aging) and founder of the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) signed a USD $30 Million Dollars deal, with Bali based developer Hanno Soth, Chairman of Pt. Hanno Bali to develop state of Anti-Aging centers exclusively for the Rich and Famous.

According to Dr. Goldman, there are some very expensive break through technologies out there that are having a profound effect on the way we look, feel and age. The reality is that those people who can afford it will be the ones that will benefit from the technologies, until they become main stream.

Hanno Soth & Dr. Robert Goldman

Hanno Soth and Dr. R. Goldman

However as unfair as this sounds, this benefits everyone in the long term because as the Anti-Aging industry grows into this multi-billion dollar colossus (presently estimated at over USD $50 Billion/year worldwide), funding for research also starts to grow. So yes, the Rich will look and feel better then everyone else initially, but it is their consumption that drives the research and advances for the rest of us.

Bintan Islands We chose to work with Pt. HannoBali after having read an article about their plans for exclusive resorts and private Islands developments expressly for the Rich, Famous and Powerful. We can only provide our advanced treatments to a small group of people and a private Island would be a fantastic environment to implement our rejuvenation protocols.

Pt. Hanno Bali ‘s islands are located off the coast of Singapore in Indonesian waters. The Islands are accessible by helicopter or private yacht. A 2 mile protective radius around each Island makes it illegal for outsiders to approach any of the Islands without express permission from the company, thereby protectingour clients privacy.


Pt. Hanno Bali is also developing a series of villa resorts in Bali under the CLUB 151 brand which will also include anti-aging components under the “ONE LIFE Plus” Anti-Aging brand – .

A4M was established in 1992 and is the world’slargest Anti-aging Medical Society of over 12,500 physicians and scientists with members in over 70 countries. A4M conducts medical conferences worldwide and will train over 20,000 physicians this year.

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