They Hung Out on the Reef in Bali and Didn’t Notice the Tide Had Risen and Trapped Them

They Hung Out on the Reef in Bali and Didn’t Notice the Tide Had Risen and Trapped Them

Thirteen Indonesian university students enjoying their day out at Suluban Beach in Badung, Bali on Saturday, November 14 found themselves literally in over their heads, following their failure to mind their surroundings.

“The Warmadewa University students crossed to a reef across the beach at low tide around 4pm. They hung out there until 7.30pm, not realizing that the tide had risen,” National Search and Rescue Agency ( Basarnas) Bali branch head Gede Darmada told on November 17.

“They did not realize they were in trouble until they saw that the waters sweeping over the reefs kept them from going back to the beach. However, they managed to call the Basarnas branch in Bali, and our personnel got to the scene over two hours later.”

“Gede noted the rescue was no easy matter. “The SAR team had to get their heads above water by crossing through some rocks and waiting to cross to the reef at low tide, as the high tide and the darkness made it difficult for them to do so.”

“Fortunately, the students found a cave on the reef that was well above the waters. The cave is well known among locals, particularly fishermen in the area.”

Darmada added that Basarnas evacuated all of the students past midnight during low tide, then returned them to their families.

Darmada warned the public to be more aware of their safety and surroundings. “Nature can be dangerous to us if we are not careful of our environs or take the proper precautions,” he said.

“I also urge those who want to spend time outdoors not to stay out too late at night, due to the limited visibility and other factors.”


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