Tourism Research Consortium Urge More BCG Implementation

Tourism Research Consortium Urge More BCG Implementation


Tourism research Consortium of Udayana University urge Bali Province to improve implementation of ‘Bali Clean and Green’ program to maintain the Island of Gods as an international tourist destination.

“We hope in the future ‘Bali Clean and Green’ program must be implemented properly with detail plan of actions and supported with enough fund so it not just a sweet discourse,” said the Head of Unud Tourism Research Consortium Dr Agung Suryawan Wiranatha in Denpasar.

Agung Suryawan stated that the BCG program is more on introduction but little implementation.

“This program must be encouraged regarding the foreign tourists attention on environment have increased. One day they could leave Bali if they think that the environment is unclean,” said the man who is also the Head of Research and Culture Tourism Center of Unud.

According to him, the tourists generally expect that the destination visited is green, unique, beautiful and free from waste, littering and free from pollution.

“In Bali, I observe the tourist accommodations already care on the green-nuance development that could be seen from their manner to save water, save energy, garbage and waste management,” he said.

He admitted that not all people really care since generally those who are aware majority are big-scale accommodation due to their obligation to obey international regulation.

He added that the problem of implementing Bali Clean and Green program also lies on people awareness as many of them still littering and throw plastic waste wherever they want to.

“I hope the government continuously encourage the effort to recycle plastics waste so that people can participate to collect plastics,” he said.

On the discussion, there is also professors from Michigan State University Prof Dr Gerhadus Schultink and Prof Dr Gail Vander Stoep.

The two guest speakers presented material on environment-base development (green development) so that there is a balance on development of various sectors and Bali not only focus on tourism.

“Green Development” focuses on sustainable development that could produce good impact but have environment impactas minimal as possible.

Unud Tourism Research Consortium is an ensemble of academicians and tourism practitioners from Udayana University, Bali Tourism Academy (STP), Politeknik Negeri Bali, Indonesia Tourism Industry Association (GIPI) Bali, and Bali Tourism Development Corporation (BTDC).

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  1. Eddie McCulloch says:

    What are the tourists to do with their rubbish while they are walking along the streets? What are they to do with empty soft drink cans and water bottles, paper wrappers etc? I know some people put it in their backpacks,bags, but only as a last resort. Maybe if there were more rubbish bins around, especially in the heavy tourist areas, tourists would do the right thing. As far as a recycling programme and proper landfills are concerned there seems to be too much talk and not enough action. Bali will strangle its self in waste.