Tourist Complains about Traffic Jam to Bali Govt

Tourist Complains about Traffic Jam to Bali Govt


Bali Provincial Government has received complaints from tourists visiting the island, including traffic jam, garbage and confusion in Ngurah Rai International Airport.

“We continually strive to solve complaints from domestic and foreign tourists,” said Assistant II Bali Provincial Secretary Ketut Wija while receiving visits from the Commission V DPR RI in Denpasar.

He said that the complaint was about the traffic jam, especially in tourist areas, such as Sanur, Simpang Dewa Ruci, Kuta and Nusa Dua.

“Hopefully, with the construction of highways over the waters, underpass atDewaRuci intersection Kuta and expansion of Ngurah Rai airport will be able to parse the traffic jam,” he said.

Wija further said that the three projects beside aim to parse or address the tourists’ complaint, what is more important is to be prepared for the APEC summit held in October 2013.

“The three projects are already assured to be completed prior to the APEC summit. Underground roads (underpass) SimpangDewaRuci to be completed on mid-May, as well as the highway that connects Benoa-NgurahRai-Nusa Dua and the airport expansion project to be completed in June,”he said.

Wija further admitted that the waste management problem is not at maximum, due to various factors including public awareness to put waste in place is still lacking.

“So the cleanliness and landscaping department is overwhelmed to deal with garbage. Every day the garbage is transported by DKP vehicle reaches 4695 cubic meters per day,”he said.

He said that the most garbage coming from households.  It is along with the increasing population in Bali that reached record of 4 million people.

Not to mention the tourist arrivals reached six millions tourists per year who stay in or visit Bali.

“This small island has to accommodate millions of people and they all produce garbage. If it is not handled properly then Bali sooner or later just like other areas that are not tourism areas,”he said.

While the problem of crowd atNgurahRai Airport is only temporary due to the ongoing renovation work, but it is quite disturbing the tourists’comfort and security who will enter Bali.

“This must be solved quickly so that the impression that NgurahRai International Airport is jammed and dirty could be overcame immediately,” said Wija.

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