Tourist Visit to Bali Increases 4,34%

Tourist Visit to Bali Increases 4,34%


Foreign tourist visit to Bali on 2012 is 2,94 millions people or increased 4,34 % compared to the previous year which is 2,82 millions people.

“The tourist’s visit is going over the target from Bali tourism Department, which is 2,7 millions people,” Head of Statistics Bureau Bali Gede Suarsa said.

He mentioned that from the total number, 2.902.125 foreign tourists came to Bali by plane through Ngurah Rai Airport, whereas 47.207 people used cruise berthed at three harbors on 2012.

On December 2012 particularly, the foreign tourists’ visit at Ngurah Rai Airport was 268.072 people and cruise passengers were 3.706 people.

Gede Suarsa added that the visit on December increased 5,71% compared to December 2011 or increased 10,42% compared to November 2012.

From the top ten countries visiting Bali, seven countries showed a significant increase and only three countries showed decrease in number.

Gede Suarsa explained that Australia held the first rank by sending 799.897 tourists or increased 1,375 and had contributed 27,12% of the total number of tourist visiting Bali.

It was followed by China supplying 317.165 people, increased 33,90% compared to previous year with contribution of 10,75% from the total number and Japanese tourists were 188.711 people or increased 3,47 %.

Singaporean tourists were 117.536 people or increased 13,08%, British 13,08%, French 0,86%, and American 5,94%.

On the other hand, three countries that had decreased their visits to Bali were Malaysia (0,07%), South Korea (2,80%), and Taiwan (22,27%).

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