Tourists Advised Not to Visit Bali during Nyepi Day

Tourists Advised Not to Visit Bali during Nyepi Day


Foreign tourists are advised not to visit Bali during the Hindu Day of Seclusion or Nyepi on March 31, 2014, a regional government official said.

“Foreign and domestic tourists planning to visit Bali are advised to move forward or delay their arrivals on the island one day before or after the Seclusion Day because during that day all means of transportation are not operated,” Bali Regional Government Spokesman I Ketut Teneng said.

He stated that all flights and ferry services to and from Bali would not be operated for 24 hours beginning at 6 a.m on Monday (March 31) to 6 a.m Tuesday (April 1).

The operations of six seaports in Bali will be halted, namely the ports of Benoa (Denpasar city), Celukan Bawang (Buleleng), Gilimanuk (Bali-Java, Padangbai ( Bali-Lembar) and Tanah Ampo (Karang Asem distirct).

Teneng added that Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport will totally be shut down for all domestic and international flights.

Meawhile chief of Kuta customary village, I Wayan Swarsa have stated that tourists who are on vacation in Kuta, Bali, are allowed to do activities to fill the current vacant activity on Nyepi Çaka Year 1936 on March 31, 2014, only in the hotel where they stay.

“We do not prohibit any hotel conducting activity on Nyepi as long as their activities do not cause noise, disturb others and not outside the hotel area,” he said.

However, his side still will do the monitoring so that no tourists or hotel employees who violate the rules of Nyepi Day implementation.

In addition, he also reminded the manager of the hotel in order not to turn on lights or other lighting for 24 hours on Nyepi.

“If there is a guest in illness, they should immediately ask for a dispensation to turn on the lights with a note to minimize it and not too obtrusive from outside,” he said.

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